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We believe in the power and practice of public relations but we’re not interested in doing PR for the industry. We’re more interested in challenging, sometimes confronting convention and pushing the boundaries of what PR can do in the digital age. Where are the innovators?

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What we like: fresh pespective, strong opinion, valuable insight, personal perspective, conversational, informational, visual. We’d like to hear from agency survivors finding a new/better way to practice PR, and digital applications of PR that yield interesting results.

What we don’t like: warmed over messaging, thought leadership, anything breakthrough, next gen, game changing, paradigm shifting, etc. In other words, we’re PR pros so skip the PR.

The theme for PRBlogNews was created with pictures from the Museum of the Graffitti Hall of Fame on 106 Street and Park Ave in New York City.  The Graffitti Hall of Fame is a schoolyard where they still play pickup basketball and you’re surrounded by the art scrawled on the handball courts and basketball courts. This is New York, where communication is visceral, memorialized in schoolyards sprayed with the hieroglyphics of our time. (See more pictures of Graffitti Hall of Fame below)

Mark Rose

Graffiti Hall of Fame New York City PRBlogNews

Graffiti Hall of Fame New York City PRBlogNews

PRBlogNews Museum of the Graffitti Hall of Fame New York

Graffiti Hall of Fame New York City PRBlogNews

Busta Rhymes on 110th street Duke Ellington Blvd