PRBlogNews Hisses and Claws Into Its 9th Year

Mark Rose PRBlogNews EditorWe’re the alley cat of PR blogs. We’re the Leon Spinks of media. PRBlogNews has been MIA for the past couple of years as we scoured the globe in search of universal truth and the mystic orb of oneness. We came up empty, heaving in a casino in a sweltering far east country we can’t remember.

Penniless, despondent beyond all hope, without skill or capital, we decided we could only do one thing – get back to PR blogging! Like a Brooklyn alley cat with nine lives we’re hissing and clawing once more.

What will we write about? We can pick up with some fav topics likeĀ Richard Edelman (the Grand Rebbe of PR), or Steve Rubel (pardon me but I’m choking on Twitter Twaddle and my head is glowing), or we can pick up on our pioneering coverage of psychedelic PR (there’s only so much acid you can take and still write a press release about starting a conversation with your favorite margarine).

I would love to write about A-Rod as soon as the bum returns to uniform (See Rubenstein’s PR fingerprints on A-Rod’s Ass – I erred in that post. I said that Richard was the “estranged” son of Howard. I meant that he was the “strange” son of Howard).

Speaking of Howard Rubenstein we can all bask in the glow of a PR guy getting the royal treatment atHoward Rubenstein and Derek Jeter at Yankee Stadium Yankee Stadium. As a Yankee fan and a Rubenstein alum I am thrilled that such a moment can occur in the Bronx, although I suspect that few Yankee fans know or care about Howard. But we do!

Jersey PR thug dBray skewered Facebook’s lame PR blitz to sell ads to small business in the adotas article Facebook for SMBs: I’m Not Buying It.

We’re starting to see a healthy backlash against Facebook’s heavy-handed tactics to enslave the world’s population behind its digital curtain and then tax us to speak to our audience or send messages or do most anything (see Facebook is the One Arm Louie of the Internet).

Adios to Jay Carney, Obama’s Press Secretary, who is leaving because he wants to make more money – his words, and refreshing to hear since it’s the true motivation of most who flee a White House office mid-ship. Jay leaves with a parting miniFox furor, as his family is photographed in his kitchen with a couple of Soviet era propaganda posters that served as confirmation by the Fox0philes of Carney’s true socialist sentiments.

More to come soon, as we re-do the site with Genesis News Pro.

Jay Carney's Family in Their Kitchen With Soviet Propaganda Poster


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