Sudden attention from Google & Facebook?

ZGoogle, Facebook, LinkedInIn the past couple of days I have fielded phone calls and emails from Google and Facebook about our Google Place page and Facebook company page. They want to verify information and be certain that we own these digital properties. I dig the attention and admire the diligence.

Why is this so unusual? These are specific inquiries by actual humans who know what they are talking about. I know that Google is out to build up its place pages since they often come up tops in searches, and Facebook is going through major changes with its company pages but this effort must take enormous resources.

Facebook is about to super charge its advertising, that’s what it’s really about for them (a $100 Google ad Words giveaway ended yesterday). And Google is Google – they own the rest of the digital world not owned by Facebook.

LinkedIn, another public company with pressure to grow, grow, grow, the third piece of the air/water/fire triangle of social media, is also heavily promoting user engagement to pump up ad values.

This sudden attention tells me I need to update our Google Places page and Facebook page.

When does this bubble burst?

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