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Public relations is unfortunately absent its own scandal sheet or even a Trade that shouts and titillates the way Variety does for the film industry or even Advertising Age for the sons and daughters spawned by Mad Men.  Maybe we can start here with Richard Edelman’s confessional to PRBlogNews. I mean, he’s talking transvestite strippers and suicidal Civil War battle fantasies. What gives in the new downtown NYC Edelman nerve center? 

Richard Edelman on Wed, 28th Oct 2009 9:17 pm

gravatar of Richard Edelman, left, as appears in Intergalactic Space PR Guide

PRBlogNews (PRBN): What would be a 140 character or less ‘on message’ Twitter from Moses’ spokesperson?

Richard Edelman (RE): Our CEO is en route from mountain with official statement from the most credible source. Family focused material–short and sweet

PRBN: If Iago worked for Edelman in NY, what group would you put him in?

RE:  Iago would be in the entertainment group making deals with Hollywood moguls

PRBN:  I had go-go dancers at my Bar Mitzvah in Brooklyn. Can you top that?

RE:  I had a transvestite at my bachelor party as male stripper. I have never forgiven the party organizer

PRBN: If the name of the firm was not Edelman, what would it be?

RE: Danny Boy–my father’s nickname at ZBT House at Columbia. After all, he started the firm

PRBN: If you could click your heels twice and be anywhere, where would it be?

RE: I’d like to be on the Union line 3rd day at Gettyburg repelling Pickett’s charge

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