Who is Worth Following #2

The continuing scan for signs of intelligence and fun in the PR blogosphere

#2 occamsrazr

Ike Pigott occamsrazr.com #2 on the list of "Who's Worth Following?" PR blogger All-Star, yeah IkeIf Ike Pigott was Jewish, lived in Canada and wrote songs he would be the Leonard Cohen of PR bloggers. But … Ike lives somewhere in the south and I’m not talking Canarsie. Ike has a real job somewhere down in Red State land of Alabama or Mississippi, or somewhere like that. I don’t even think they have a major league baseball team so I can’t brag about the Yankees kicking their ass.

Ike captures the existential angst that sometimes inflicts PR people capable of critical thought and a sense of celestial bearing – an admittedy rare sub-species. Ike is like Leonard Cohen because he almost makes sense and you believe there is something deeper there, if you only had time to think about it. Ike is perfect for Twitter; he is the inventor of haiku pr tweets. Why Ike follow lead. Why ask.

In case you ask anyway, here’s a sample. Ike’s recent comment on the marketing of Seth Godin’s new book:  “That’s like putting honey pots around a picnic area, then charging people for the right to use the tables with ant-repellent.” I thought about that sentence the whole A train express run between 125th st and 59th st and almost got it.

Blog: http://occamsrazr.com
Twitter: @ikepigott
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ikepigott

Who is Worth Following is a continuing PRBlogNews series based on random scans of intelligence, original thinking and personality in the PR blogosphere: #1 tomforemski | #2 occamsrazr | #3 coming

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  1. Ike says:

    I am both flattered and honored – and will celebrate by dedicating the next 12 months to becoming more obtuse.

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