Who is Worth Following #1

Twitter and Facebook run on the law of diminishing returns. The more you follow the less you can pay attention to. Friends shrink to acquaintances who become ingredients of the great trail of irrelevant content that whizzes by every day, all day. After a while a new thought or a clever link is a headache and a burden. Twitter twaddle insomnia? Dreaming in YouTube segments?  How do you break through the endless stream of digital space junk?

If you’re in PR, who is worth following? Here’s my list of PR Blogging All-Stars. I am free to change my mind any time, according to my mood.  This is as close as I’ll get to a “Blogroll.” What’s required to be “Worth Following”? Original thinking, personality, a broad range of interests. A bunch of Twitter sheep or Facebook friends of friends of friends is not required.

#1 tomforemski

Die! Press release! Die! Die! Tom ForemskiComing in at the top of the list is the guy who rocked our world with the iconic blog post: Die! Press Release! Die! Die! Die! If there was a PR blogger All-Star team Tom would be playing center field and batting clean-up. His call to arms to slay the press release has catalyzed many a social media warrior. Tom blogs prodigiously and Twitters consistently. His blog posts tend to be inside-the-valley tech nuggets from an astute observer and former FT journalist. He gets looser on Twitter with a stream of catchy 140 character or less infotainments (I like his lunchtime entertainment links). Tom is a pioneer and a survivor and he blogs because he has something to say and news to share. Yeah Tom. 

Twitter: @tomforemski
Blog: Silicon Valley Watcher
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tom.foremski

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