Rubenstein PR Fingerprints On A-Rod’s Ass

Richard Rubenstein, Rubenstein Associates PR firm, representing New York Yankee slugger Alex RodriguezWho is covering Alex Rodriguez’s ass in his latest media imbroglio? Richard Rubenstein (left, in blue shirt and pink tie), estranged son of the famous ‘Czar of PR’ Howard Rubenstein, has confirmed that he is guarding the posterior of the best slugger in baseball.

What can Richard do for A-Rod that his weasel agent Scott Boras or his other agent Guy Oseary can’t? Richard isn’t talking but A-Rod’s ‘confession‘ has all the earmarks of aggressive PR hardball and a challenge to the media to back off. A-Rod was vague about what drugs he may have taken but specific about who the real enemy is – Sports Illustrated writer Selena Roberts. When you want to divert attention from the topic, you shoot the messenger – that’s hardball PR.

Richard’s father, Howard, has represented George Steinbrenner for years so that avenue is off limits to A-Rod. Howard’s other son, Steven, is heir to the elder Rubenstein’s empire but Richard has carved out his own mini-empire representing an odd conglomeration of small public companies, rappers, entertainers, and real estate moguls (he’s promoted several Trump projects).

See Gawker post on dueling memos between 5W honcho Ronn Torossian and Richard Rubenstein – two blustering schmegeggis who can’t spell and can’t write threatening each other with holy terror and lawsuits. These guys are … what? … 12 years old?


  1. Kristian Rex says:

    Mark Rose, You are the weasel, Richard is certainly not estranged from his father, and your perpetual vitriol against RR is boorish and positive proof of your limited capabilities. Grow some creative writing skills, get your facts straight, and stop being such an unimaginative dweeb. RR is one of the most eloquent and talented PR executives in the business, you have obviously never met him or worked with him, and your journalistic skills are sophomoric and barely college level. You’re not making a difference or improvement in this world Mark, and you should start do something of value before you it’s too late. I believe your should re-skill and look for placement that fits your skills better. You really have no relevance in this arena.

  2. Mark Rose says:

    Thanks for your comment. I have met Richard, several times. I have not worked with him although I am aware of his work. Richard may have talent for PR, although eloquence is perhaps not his strong suit, judging the memos to Torossian. I am not aware of my “perpetual vitriol against RR” – I don’t believe I have written about Richard before and I certainly do not wish him ill will. My relevance in this arena is 20 years with New York City public relations firms, including three years with Howard Rubenstein.

  3. hesthedevil says:

    ive worked for him and he is the most obnoxious, pompous and disgusting human beings i have ever met. everyone that works there despises him. the first post was most definitely written by him or his abused assistant (s). ask any reputable PR agency about Richard Rubenstein and they will all laugh. He’s a laughingstock. He does not talk to his father or brother either.

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