Kristen Revealed

Kristen, the call girl who spent time with former New Yoirk Governor Eliot SpitzerSo “Kristen” is Monica Lewinsky who was Donna Rice, who is every middle age man’s young girl fantasy. Kristen is 22 (that’s a young girl to me), or 26 years younger than Eliot the horny Gov. Another perverse way of looking at it, she is five years older than Eliot’s oldest daughter. Tell me what the therapist bills are going to be in the Spitzer family for this generation and the next.

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The Power of Goodwill in Politics & PR

Goodwill may sound fuzzy wuzzy but it is a critical component of any long-term public relations program, political careeer, or any public or private endeavor. New York Governor Eliot Spitzer may have survived his prostitution sex scandal but the reality is that he had very little goodwill, even among Democrats. Spitzer built his career as a prosecutor and politician willing to steamroll any perceived opponent or wrongdoer. He was the self-righteous ethical authority determined to force his will and his values on everybody else. The only person who could live up to those impossibly high standards, apparently, was Spitzer – until he fell. That’s because those standards are impossible.

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Sex, power, politics, prostitution, PR cont’d

While we wait for Governor Spitzer to cut his deal with the Feds before announcing his resignation, the State and the Lt. Governor are kept in the dark (there is a pun there, yes, since our new Governor is legally blind). The three Spitzer daughters, age 13, 15, 17, are the most tragic victims of this bizarre, albeit riveting, circus. They are the peak age when a very public betrayal such as this is most damaging and humilating. Do we see Eliot, docile and contrite, weeping about his failings on Oprah? Will his wife leave him?

One of the suprises in this politico sex scandal is the mash up between high-class prostitution and public relations. If we sometimes feel like prostitutes and pimps for our clients we have seen it illustrated in a new light thanks to the philandering Gov.  See Anais below, one of the “5 diamond” girls from the Emperors Club VIP, Eliot’s source for his girls.

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Arrogance, Hubris, Sex, Politics, Karma, PR

Chrissy, Emperors Club VIP call girl serviceTemeka Rachelle Lewis arranged for ”Kristen,” to meet Eliot Ness aka the Governor of New York. Kristen, the Governor is reminded, is “American, petite, very pretty brunette, 5 feet 5 inches, and 105 pounds.” After the assignation at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C., according to government records, Lewis asked “Kristen” how she thought the appointment went, and “Kristen” said that she thought it went very well. Lewis asked “Kristen” how much she collected, and “Kristen” said $4,300. “Kristen” said that she liked him, and that she did not think he was difficult. “Kristen” stated: “I don’t think he’s difficult. I mean it’s just kind of like … whatever … I’m here for a purpose.”

The day after, February 14, 2008, the Governor of New York presumably presented his wife with a Valentine’s Day gift that cost considerably less than his gift to Kristen. But then Kristen, who had risen in the ranks of the Emperors Club VIP escort service, was well schooled in the art of public relations. See excerpt below from the Emperors Club web site, since taken offline:

Emperors Club VIP Elliott Spitzer

 Our goal is to make life more peaceful, balanced, beautiful and meaningful. We honor commitment to our clients as we covet long-term relationships of trust and mutual benefit. Experience for yourself a service of obvious distinction… from the Emperors Club VIP web site, the Brooklyn-based PR firm/call-girl ring favored by (ex?) New York Governor Eliot Spitzer

A Fighter Fights – Hillary / Obama, That’s the Ticket

Hillary Clinton victoriousThe turning point for Hillary was Saturday Night Live a couple of weeks ago. The skit lampooning the media’s gentle handling of Obama, and the all-too-real spoof of Hillary’s latent bitchiness as qualifications to be commander in chief really turned this Dem election into a good old fashioned street brawl. It was time to get tough because Hillary was about to face the sorry end of her own mantra: Go big or go home. She would be sent packing back to New York, defeated by a sloganeering poseur, unless she came up big in Texas and Ohio. Now we have a whole new game. Now the fight really gets interesting. 

A fighter fights. That is simplistic but true. The greater the battle the more is demanded of you. Bottomline – Hillary has more cajones than Obama and she has a deeper belief system that has been tested through many trials. Character is an issue here – the ability to absorb criticism and maintain your equilibrium, especially when Rove & Co. are lobbing grenades and John McCrain, the wily political in-fighter is in your face.

So it’s on to Pennsylvania, the next battle ground, with Hillary sounding re-energized, and Obama on the defensive and beginning to show “sharper contrasts” between himself and Hillary. Her campaign strategy now is to draw it out and to let the public witness how the more closely scrutinized Obama behaves.

The idea of a joint ticket is being floated.  Obama would make an excellent vice president. He could test out his coalition building skills and gain the experience he needs to become president one day. He would be learning from a pro.

At the juncture it’s all about PR – the messaging, posturing, attacking, parrying, strategizing, the images, ads, the insinuations. This is major hardball politics. I love it. Rough campaigning ahead.