PR/Media Week in Review 03-16-08

Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNewsThe Governor of New York Disappears -テつ”Kristen” Goes Down, Resurfaces – The stunning fall and demise of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer occured in its entirety last week. You could not escape Spitzer andテつevery unfolding minute revelation of his prostitution addiction in print, on TV, radio, or in casual conversation and now poof! he is gone from politics and the news. Tomorrow, David Paterson is sworn in as the new Gov and the transition is complete.

Ashley Alexandra Duprテδゥ (right, below) was revealed to be “Kristen,” Eliot’s most recent girl-for-hire.テつ Ashley’s Ashley Alexandra Dupre aka Kristen, prostitute for ex-Governor Eliot SpitzerMySpace page was a hot ticket, then she yanked it and of this writing it is back. Nearly nine million views and very revealing of the scrubbed hip-hop wannabe faux gangsta crowd Ashley ran in. I say “ran” because she is headed to the next “stage” with rumors of $2 mil being offered for a Penthouse spread, recording contracts and the like. The MySpace comments say it:

Ashley remember what we learned in our media class… publicity is THE BEST.

Wow Ashley you have been getting radio play all over NY. I heard your song on Z100 and 103.5 KTU this morning.

There is a fawning celebrity by three degrees and masked desperation to many of these MySpace comments. テつIs Ashley a celeb for having engaged in sex for money with the Governor? Will she spill the real story – what was that safe/unsafe dialogue about? What sort of kinky sex did Eliot Spitzer engage in? How long are the “legs” on this story?テつ

Saturday Night Live opened last night with a press conference featuring Spitzer announcing his new law practice that specializes in tawdry sex cases. His haggard, drawn wife was standing at his side like a mannequin in late stage grief as a re=creation of Spitzer’s final apolagetic press conference. When does the wife finally say no and refuse to endure these public humiliations, asks The New York Times in a couple of stories today:テつPostfeminism and Other Fairy Tales and Public Infidelity, Private Debate: Not My Husband (Right?)

It’s been a long time since we had a single story so dominate a week of news. It gave us a much-needed break from the looming Obama-Clinton showdown in Pennsylvania and the disaster that is facing the Democratic Party. The line that ‘this is good for democracy and good for Democrats’ is beginning to fade. John McCain is in Iraq today, looking very much like Commander-in-Chief,テつgetting briefed by “officials,” while Barack and Hillary prepare to slug it out.

So Loren Feldmanテつhangsテつwith the digerati at SXSW in Austin and he runs into some of the minor celebs he loves to goof on, namely Robert Scoble and Julia Allison. Scoble takes it in stride and films Feldman filming him. Feldman chides Scoble for not breaking out of geekdom and realizing his inner artist. I guess I’m a loser, Scoble says and laughs all the way to the bank. Allison, who has had a long-running very public love affair with herself, is not so amused. What happens when Allison meets Feldman? We’re not sure – but here is the prelude:

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