NYC Video 2.0 Tomorrow

NY Video 2.0Once again it’s time for my favorite Meetup, NY Video 2.0, now at the legendary Webster Hall in Manhattan. Check out the cool new NYV2 networking site.

See PRBlogNews post on last meeting: NYC Video 2.0 finds perfect venue.

March Demos:
CBS Interactive – Sean Tice, Web Producer
PermissionTV – John Zahner, Senior Vice President
SeeToo – Yoav Ilan, Co-Founder
Review Basics – Mike Grushin, Partner, CTO – Matthew Feldman, Co-Founder & Producer

Thursday, Mar 27, 2008, 7:00 PM

Webster Hall
125 East 11th St.
New York, NY 10003
(212) 353-1600
Only 550 members (including guests) can RSVP ‘Yes’ for this meeting. There’s still room for 21 more.

PR/Media Week in Review 03-23-08

Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNewsObama bounces, Hillary flattens.  Twists and turns in the Demo Presidential campaign got a little wilder this week with Bill Richardson, aka Wolfman Jack, the latest ‘friend’ to turn on Hillary Clinton. It’s almost like “March of the Demos” as one by one the big honchos – Kerry, Kennedy, Richardson - dive into the icy waters that bring the Party closer to the brink of self-annihilation. If Nancy Pelosi announces for Obama the gig could be up for Hillary. Frank Rich, the liberal standard bearing columnist for The New York Times, ganged up on Hillary this week, the one two punch with the ever-snarky Maureen Dowd.

Retired Gen. Tony McPeak, an Obama surrogate, compared Bill Clinton to Joe McCarthy at a rally in Portland, Oregon. James Carville said the Richardson endorsement of Obama “came right around the anniversary of the day when Judas sold out for 30 pieces of silver.” ReporterMore incoming every day as McCain acts Presidential in jaunts around Europe and Middle East with the ever-fawning Joe Lieberman at his side as Clinton-Obama turns into a rock-em-sock-em bare knuckles fight to the finish. 

Hang the PR Guy That’s what former Governor Eliot Spitzer tried to do when we first reported on “TrooperGate” last August in the PRBlogNews post Free Darren Dopp – NY Gov Flack Takes Fall. According to a NY Times story released this evening Spitzer was deeply involved in trying to discredit New York State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno and he expected to sacrifice his PR guy to investigators. “Dopp is suffering for Spitzer’s sins. The Flack is not that expendable, and loyalty is not that cheap,” we wrote last August.  The incident was an early indicator that Spitzer was out of control – a “spoiled brat” as Bruno referred to him.

Peter Shankman gets coverage for himself in The New York Times (“In Helping Journalists, a Publicist Helps Himself”) by plugging reporters into his growing network of sources. See the newly launched HelpAReporter (could this put ProfNet out of business?).

Loren Feldman has the killer instinct, with a playful edge. When he gets hold of Jason McCabe Calacanis or Robert Scoble or Juila Alison or Seesmic he’s like a cat with a mouse. He likes to play around with his prey before administering the coup de grâce.  Poor Shel Israel. He probably thought he had a nice gig with Fast Company interviewing web 2.o marginal celebs. See video below for Loren’s first shot at Shel and Fast Company and see 1938Media for hilarious follow-ups including “Fast Company Puppet Theater.”

Barack Obama – Master PR Pitchman

I have never believed in the notion that the media is inherently liberal. Not while pasty white Barack Obamaguys on Fox and Rush Limbaugh and crowd tap into huge audiences with liberal-bashing tirades that are more reality-show style entertainment than any measure of political discourse. The right wing has its own very effective media cabal that rivals anything The New York Times can pump out -they have become masters of media on TV, the radio, and the Internet.

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Digital / New Media Drives PR Growth

We are heading to a recession, if we are not there already. That’s when the PR industry begins to quake and tremble and budgets are indiscriminately slashed and AEs start jumping out windows. OK, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but the PR business is no fun – for agency owners, account people, or clients – during a recession. Why should this time be different?

There is one big difference: Digital communications and new media have opened up new distribution channels for PR and require a new set of skills from savvy PR people. Clients are beginning to realize the powerful ROI possible through creative online communication programs. Online communications is redefining the PR industry. Traditionalists, bigger agencies tied to old methods and operations, will suffer greater during a recession 

WPP is trying to cash in on the PR 2.0 move. WPP is listed in Wikipedia as “one of the world’s largest communications services groups.” Among WPP’s PR holdings are Hill and Knowlton, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Burson-Marsteller and Cohn & Wolfe.

Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO WPP GroupSir Martin Sorrell (left, with finger raised), CEO of WPP,  singled out the positive impact “new technologies” are having on WPP’s public relations operations, due to increased demand from clients for “editorial publicity through fast-growing new applications of new technology such as MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and Wikipedia,” Sir Martin wrote in his year-end update for shareholders.

Huh? Editorial publicity to Wikipedia? I thought Wikipedia was supposed to be an accurate, objective source for information, not a malleable online flack catcher. 

Anyway, Sir Martin is following the money. Traditional public relations practices can be more time-consuming and less effective than digital PR that takes control of the creation, packaging and distribution of news and information. Distribution is the key. With the Internet distribution is free and only limited by your imagination. It takes time (billable hours) but there is no barrier to entry into the global info marketplace.

During a recession maximum value-added becomes becomes the prime motivator in the engagement of services – especially a service as intangible as public relations. 

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PR/Media Week in Review 03-16-08

Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNewsThe Governor of New York Disappears - ”Kristen” Goes Down, Resurfaces – The stunning fall and demise of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer occured in its entirety last week. You could not escape Spitzer and every unfolding minute revelation of his prostitution addiction in print, on TV, radio, or in casual conversation and now poof! he is gone from politics and the news. Tomorrow, David Paterson is sworn in as the new Gov and the transition is complete.

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