Valentine drunk email sex?!

New York Post 

Mandy Stadtmiller of New York Post is doing a story on drunk emailing just in time for Valentine's Day heartValentine’s Day. Apparently this is a real problem – at least a study reveals that finding.

Mandy seeks your best, funniest stories about drunk emails (can be one that you sent, one that you received) by noon tomorrow – Valentine’s Day. Mandy would take full name – but can get by with only first name if it’s particularly embarrassing, like the following example:

My boss and I have always had a pretty friendly relationship, but he’s still my boss. You know, like we talked about who I was dating, if I was single, etc. Then one night, at 1:30 a.m., after many many glasses of sangria, I decided it would be a spectacular idea to send him an email announcing, “I’m going to get laid tomorrow night! Many times probably! I CANNOT WAIT TO HAVE SEX!” It was the capital letters that was particularly humiliating. I mean, really, the sexual confession was one thing but the all-caps…that’s just sloppy. – Susannah, 31

NOTE: Doesn’t have to be in NYC! Just has to be a really great story.

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