Video 2.0 NYC finds perfect venue

Webster Hall New York CityWebster Hall offers the perfect New York grit no bullshit cutting edge decadence that NY Video 2.0 Meetup needs (and accordingly, all 400+ people there last night seemed to be wearing black). Last time I was in Webster Hall – 2o or so years back – it was to see the Dead Kennedy’s or Mad Cow Disease or something like that. The place hasn’t changed a bit, you can really blow minds in a concentrated way here with big black speakers hovering overhead like space craft of destruction. You can walk around this place just staring at the walls, and I believe I have. 


The bathroom attendant, I think he was a homeless guy who set up shop, put out some paper towels and a boom box jamming Chuck Berry like he was playing in the grand ballroom. He had a tip jar. This is how he made his living. Maybe it was the punk vibe but a guy in the audience so vigorously challenged one of the presenters that he was spitting “that’s bullshit you know it’s bullshit so just say it’s bullshit.” The presenter would not budge. “I can see that you’re angry,” he said. Sheesh. Talk about a tough audience. If you present here you should come heavy or Yaron should insist that everyone checks weapons at the door. “You’ll get a lot of love here tonight” Yaron said in the opening. So what happens if they don’t like you?

Webster Hall New York City

This trial-by-fire brand of entrepreneurism is exactly what is driving Video 2.0, fueled of course by Yaron Samid (right)  , who seems to get sharper and more entertaining as the venues for this Meetup get larger, more historic, more impressive. We’re talking video – we want to be entertained and engaged, there’s only so much “value-added to the supply chain” we can handle.

The second presenters, as Yaron said, were three guys working part-time out of home setting up a video cam service for speed dating. The first was a do-it-yourself platform to embed ads in video. The third was the most impressive, at least they are farther along in development, their offering fits with what is going on now and they withstood the assault of a doubtful and aggressive audience. Check ‘em out: Reveal Your Inner Media Potential

I have been attending Video 2.0 for almost a year. It has grown from a couple of hundred people in an auditorium at Columbia. The last meeting of 2007 drew 500 people to a grandly dowdy space at the Roosevelt Hotel in midtown. This is the best space by far but presenters now need to step up and concoct more visually engaging presentations. Play to the space. I can see Loren Feldman staging “Jason’s Place” here. Let’s see the talent. Where are the content producers?

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