Fake Richard Edelman Protests Suspension

EXCLUSIVE. This just in: The attorney for Fake Richard Edelman has contacted PRBlogNews to vehemently protest his client’s suspension from Strumpette due to alleged plagiarism. Fake Richard Edelman is charged with lifting the words of Joseph Goebbels for a speech in Davos.

“My client is a fake,” said Joseph Santangelo (left), partner at Santangelo & Morello, legal counsel to Fake Richard Edelman. “How do you charge a fake with plagiarism? He should be given a raise and promotion for his brilliant work. Now that he has been vilified and tainted in the public media I am sure that he will find it extremely difficult to get another Fake gig. We are mulling our options.”

Fake Richard Edelman is accused of “a wholesale lifting of source material” from Joseph Goebbels, “Der Rundfunk als achte Großmacht.” by Martin Turnbull, Dean of the Communications College at the Kepler School of Management.

Fr. Brian Connolly of Strumpette said in a statement: “We’ve launched a thorough investigation and intend to review this matter fully. Until such time as we can make a final determination, we are suspending Fake Richard Edelman without pay.”

“You have not heard the last of Fake Richard Edelman,” said Mr. Santangelo.

Meanwhile, the real Richard Edelman has made his annual pilgrimage to Davos to release findings of the Trust Barometer. This year, it seems that for some reason people trust business more than ever. According to the Financial Times the Trust Barometer includes this breakthrough insight:

The Edelman study confirms this view: most of those polled said they would not buy products and services from a company they distrusted and, conversely, would take their custom to one they trusted.


  1. Just because someone takes the fake steve jobs idea and turns it into a step down corporation idea… It becomes something to buzz about? I think the buzz is the lack of creativity and originality. Tactics that are 6 years old are just even more proof that large corporate companies are even further behind than we think. Let edelman continue to think that blogging is the next big thing, and that viral video’s are cutting edge.

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