Welcome ’08 ‘The Year of the Vinny’

Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNewsI grew up with a couple of Vinnies in Brooklyn and they were all the same. Kind of like the Vinny who commented so eloquently on the problem with Seesmic and the approach of its French backers. – See Review of the Jew ’07 - the ‘Vinny post.’ This is the year of the Vinny, raw, ribald instant feedback that blares the central problems in your face. It’s brutal but it’s honest. That Vinny comment on 1938Media was worth $100K in slow as hell focus groups. The Vinny post, as much as Feldman’s video, is where the Internet is going with business and creativity. Want to influence the influencer? Try impressing Vinny.

Seesmic went apoplectic over mid-December ’07 1938Media barrages. It shook up the company, turned the CEO into a cloying French poodle on its back with its legs up (as if this position is supposed to impress Americans), and sent Seesmic’s VC backers scurrying for a quick Plan B. Yo, Vinny did that. You ready for dat?  Vinny is the new consumer advocate of the web.   

Personally, I can’t get past Seesmic’s home page. What are they? Who are they? Why do they exist? Too dark, timid and mysterious (I did not say “French”). They need serious American PR help.

Stray Feldman chatter: Feldman named Person of Year on Strumpette (I voted for Vinny), Feldman announces for President on hilarious video.


  1. Vince Williams says:

    Vinny tells it the way he sees it.

    I’m just pissed that I can’t be Vincenzo at 1938Media anymore.;-)

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