Hot News. Go See Mandy Caligulamiller

Last year she was New York’s funniest reporter. This year she is trying to be the Boston Red Sox of New York media comics (something like that). Is it possible for Mandy Stadtmiller to become the funniest stand-up comic in all of New York City? Yeah, it’s Mandy Stadtmiller, columnist, New York Postpossible. And George Steinbrenner might fly up to Westchester, hat in hand, and beg Joe Torre to return to the Yankees. Seriously folks, Mandy Stadtmiller aka Caligulamiller was a riot at her last appearance. She has that edge that’s really funny. Besides, it’s her birthday, and everything else. What else? Let her tell you. I’ll just cut and paste her email.

Hey, dudes.

1) I’m in the semi-finals for New York’s Funniest Stand-Up. I’m up against 60 other comics. Come on out to support me this Wednesday which just happens to be MY BIRTHDAY OMG LOL JEOMK!

Wednesday, October 24, at Comedy Village at 7:30 p.m.
(82 West 3rd St., between Thompson & Sullivan, 2 blocks east of MacDougal)

2) If you’re not in NY, check out the very funny mockumentary I’m featured in playing NY Post reporter Mandy Stadtmiller on Sunday Nov. 11.

The sad part? I was their second choice. The sadder part? I just made that joke.


3) I rented “Elf” and “Caligula” together a few weekends ago.

Hot tip: “Elf” was way better.

Hotter tip: If someone films “Elfigula” and dedicates it to me, I think I will be able to die complete.


Mandy Caligulamiller

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