Evil Departs Columbia Bruised but Intact

Ahmadinejad motorcade speeding from Columbia, photo by Mark Rose, editor, PRBlogNews, please include attribution and link back if you use. Gracias.

Above - motorcade of Iranian President Ahmadinejad speeding out of Columbia 
to the westside highway, 3:05 PM, 9/24/07. Photos by Mark Rose.

The Iranian leader is a ”pettty, cruel dictator” according to Columbia University President Lee Bollinger who humiliated his guest with blistering opening remarks to the point that Ahmadinejad claimed to be the victim of cheap insults. If Ahmadinejad expected an easy PR op at Columbia he got a rude surprise with Bollinger relentlessly on the attack, dismissive, incredulous, and accusatory.

Bollinger was under intense pressure to justify the invitation to the Terror of Tehran (I do not think Ahmadinejad craves a repeat performance) and he earned his stripes as a ruthless interrogator while still upholding the core tenets of free speech in a democracy. Even Bush grudgingly approved of the visit. (Media descends on Columbia, 9/24/07, below)

Ahmadinejad comes to Columbia, photo by Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNews, OK to use with attribution and link back.

Security was tight all around the campus, side streets were blocked off but the heated discussions and interviews could not be stopped. Nothing like a murderous Iranian madman to stir up the passions of a college campus and force enemies to face each other.

Fox News covering Ahmadinejad visit to Columbia University, photo by Mark Rose, Editor PRBlogNewsIt is the U.N. that brings this particular terrorist thug to New York, and we should be thankful for all the terrorist thugs we have drawn to our great city over the years because of the U.N.  They force us to confront our fears, measure ourselves against our enemies, question our values.  And they offer unbeatable international life-or-death theatre that is tinged with a New York flavor. Idi Amin, Hugo Chavez, Nikita Kruschev, Yasser Arafat have all performed here on the Great White Way of Sabre Rattling Propaganda.

One day in the 80′s I was walking down Broadway, midtown, when traffic was stopped by a phalanx of police to allow a caravan of limos and security vehicles to drive down the center lane,  lights flashing.  Suddenly the whole procession stopped and out popped this bald guy with a red splotch on his head. It was Mikhail Gorbachev, flush with detente, wanting to press the flesh of theatergoers. 

Ahmadinejad comes to Columbia, phot by Mark Rose, editor PRBlogNews, OK to use with attribution and link back.

In 1960 Fidel Castro, in the U.S. to give one of his classic four hour speeches at the U.N., met with Malcolm X at the Hotel Theresa in Harlem.  Castro was in Harlem because he was thrown out of his midtown hotel for rowdy behavior. “We’ll sleep in the U.N. garden or in Central Park!” Fidel threatened but then he was enticed uptown by people who embraced him. There was no accounting for the “bosomy blondes” who visited Castro at 2:00 AM and 3:30 AM, the rum runs for his entourage of 85, or the live chickens the Cubans supposedly killed in their rooms for dinner.

And these dictator/performers say the darndest things.

“The press plays a connecting role. It provides information and can serve as a channel for promoting current thinking,” he said. “The role of the press is to disseminate moral behavior … The press can be the voices of the divine prophets.” – Ahmadinejad to the National Press Club 9/24/07

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