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LSD FreakoutIs there no humor in public relations? The public relations blog PRBlogNews included a post last week on PR and LSD ( a long strange happy tradition). It appears to have been a joke, mixing a selection of early youth-on-acid videos with a vintage discourse about LSD by Dr. Richard Alpert (later Ram Dass) re-imagined as a history of successful “tripvertising.” It must have stirred some sort of trouble; there’s been a follow-up, “LSD and PR don’t mix” post ( Don’t eat the brown acid ) which warns against mixing PR and LSD (and hot dogs).

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  1. Cheers, Mark! I enjoyed both of your posts in that series. I was disappointed that no one on MetaFilter called me on the joke in the post title. Of course, anyone likely to get that probably chuckled slightly and climbed back on the bozo bus without comment.

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