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Week In Review StrumpetteRise and shine. Be sure to check out the Week in Review I pen on Strumpette and then come back here and listen to music (see right column below in expanding “Music” section) and scan the PRBlogNews news below. What fun. You have nothing to do anyway, right. How much PR news can you handle?

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Larry Genkin Publisher Blogger & Podcaster magazineBirth of an industry. Publisher Larry Genkin (right) tells PRBlogNews that the reaction to the inaugural issue of Blogger & Podcaster magazine has been staggering. “I feel like I am inside a tornado,” said an exultant Genkin.

“We’ve had over 200 news stories written about us in the last week and the resulting traffic caused our website to crash. Our readership is 3x beyond our guaranteed rate base of 20,000, which is making our advertisers happy. We’ve got subscribers on every continent now too,” said Genkin.

Not only is this good news for Larry it is good for all of us. The success of Blogger & Podcaster is confirmation that we are a legitimate and growing industry. Every day I am amazed at the passion and innovation that underscores the video/podcast/blog movement and the potential for new communications avenues.

Larry says that Blogger & Podcaster is for anyone “putting substantial effort into their craft and are looking to either make a business out of it, use blogging and podcasting for business purposes or are putting tremendous energy into getting the word out about what they have to say.”

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Later this week we will profile Cruxy (left) in the PRBlogNews New Media Lab. See the Cruxy media player on the right in the “Music” column. Not only is Cruxy pioneering new methods of packaging, distributing, and monetizing digital art on the Net, they are from Brooklyn! At least they have adopted Brooklyn as their home because they believe, rightly, that it is the center of culture, commerce, and innovation in the known unverse.

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Time to merge & converge. PRBlogNews will be on the move next week as we head west for the PR Online Convergence 07 May 16 – 18 in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for the inside poop.

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The Social Media Press Release (SMR) is rearing its experimental head again, as crayon launched a SMR for its Coke “Virtual Thirst” competition. Later this week we will re-visit the SMR. We have done our research, including exchanging 23 emails with Shannon Whitley to try to understand his PBR Builder, to varying degrees of success. Finally, we spoke to Shannon over the weekend and we were prompted to try PBR Builder to create our very own SMR.

There is a cool feature in PBR Builder that allows you to embed the result in a blog. So, here it is:



Nobody Know Nothin, We all Go Home In Limo, Say Experts

  • Experts agree that nobody knows what they’re doing, but we should be doing it – it’s the SMR
  • Maybe it’s a new dance
  • Maybe we really have nothing to say, so let’s write a press release!
  • Monkey in Armani suit is spokesperson for this news
  • The client wants ‘em on the Today Show says VP in charge of account
  • Put text here – have it live forever on the web like a digital landfill

da source


“This is the bomb, I am totally jiggy with this, dog,” said the head man of the largest division of the whole thing.

“I don’t know about this SMR thing but I will do it because that smart young PR person told me to and I better or else I won’t be seen as ‘progressive’,” said the suck up from the smaller division.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    I enjoyed our chat this weekend. Thanks for your time. I’m happy you were able to give PRX Builder a try and look forward to your feedback.

    Based on your sample release, I’m going to assume that you’re not quite convinced. The Social Media Release means many things to many people. There is a lot of hype around social media, and there is also the backlash against that hype. I’m a very practical person. My vision lies in between the hype and the hurumph.

    At the very least, my goal is to make it easier for people to create more interesting messages. That’s one part of the social media release, moving the message into an online format that will capture attention. Using your release above, I created a web page that attempts to illustrate this point:

    I look forward to reading your comments later this week. As always, I’m sure I’ll find your work interesting and entertaining.

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