Rubel Succumbs To Twitter Twaddle As Head Glows Brighter

10:04 AM: I go to the bathroom and realize there is no toilet paper 10:08 AM: I steal toilet paper from Starbuck’s (shhh, don’t tell). 10:12 AM: I am back in bathroom and … do you really want to know what I do? Did you know that Steve Rubel went to bed at 10:02 PM Sunday night? Do you know that a guy in Italy, right now, is jabbing a pen in his ear and picking his nose?

Steve Rubel shiny head Yoda levitates in Twitter

Twitter, in case you are blessed by not having any maniacal Twits around you, is this ultra annoying little widget that informs you of every inane move and miniscule thought of other Twits around the globe. “A list” blogger, shiny head Yoda and incorrigible link whore Steve Rubel (right) is head Twit. He promised days ago on his blog never to mention the “T” word again but that has not stopped him from obsessively twitting.

Somebody stop Rubel before he twits again.

In a recent Advertising Age article Rubel gushed that Twitter “rocked the web” with an “avalanche of buzz” because blogging lumerati Robert Scoble and Jason Calacanis were now Twitting (“I am in a cab on my way to the airport” “I am buying a latte” “I just burped”). Rubel is agog that this “global phenomenon” can be viewed real-time through and promises more great applications to come. Does Rubel have a stake in the company? Has he gone too far up the river … have his methods become unsound? Are there people at Edelman who actually have to sit through meetings with Rubel while he gushes Twitter twaddle?

If we needed further proof that the blogging/social media bubble has burst, Twitter, and Rubel’s obsession, is it. What happened to Rubel? He can legitimately be called a Founding Father. He started his blog in the virtual stone age, April 2004. He had good insights and was an early collaborator on important stuff.  He joined Edelman and and a light switched and he accepted that it’s okay to be irrelevant and consumed by minutiae. Become an Edelman client and Rubel will mention you in his blog and you get a Technorati Top 100 plug. He’s a shameless digital publicist.

Rubel faces a quandry – how do you be an independent blogger, an independent thinker, when you can’t be critical of the guy who signs the paycheck and your ultimate responsibility – your only real responsibility – is to help your clients succeed. The real social media revolution will not happen through blogs about the industry or a new set of digital tools to help promote a client’s agenda. It will come from within – how agencies behave, how AEs do their work, and the result of the struggle between creativity, ethical responsibility, and fealty to the bottomline. What if Rubel didn’t work for Edelman? What would he say? In the current arc, the more his popularity and incredible linkage increases, the more his credibility diminishes. 

By the way, I was at the Social Media Club event last night on the 26th floor at Edelman’s New York office, 43rd street and Broadway, the heart of Times Square (more on this later). Rubel wasn’t there.  Where was he? His Twitter is down this morning. What was Rubel doing between 6:00 PM and 8:30 PM last night? We cannot have this time unaccounted for!

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