Hillary Fried Chicken

You can say that those vast right conspirators are virulent viral marketers. My counterpoint on the west coast, my brother Bruce, is an unrepetent Orange County Republican.  Going back to Goldwater and Johnson we sparred and sometimes warred over the virtues of Democrats vs Republicans. Somehow my brother lassoed me into one of these anti-Hillary viral rings. I get emails with gross jokes about Hillary as a lesbian, a horse’s ass, a bitch, a thief, a liar. It seems Hillary has come into her own because they rarely bother with Bill anymore. Hillary is fresh meat, so to speak.

Once in a while I respond to the group – idiots, children, hate-mongers I call them – and they dismiss me as an “angry Democrat” and send me an email with Hillary’s face morphed on a Donkey’s ass. These are grown-ups. I stay on the list out of professional and sociological curiosity. It’s like “Swift Boat” in perpetuity. Do they really change people’s minds with ugly, base jokes? Or, do they just solidify their base?

Anyway, once in a while they do send something around that is sorta funny. ”Actual KFC sign”

Hillary KFC Chicken

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