PR/Media Week in Review 08-10-2008

Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNews PR Week In Review August 10, 2008

Combat PR

I should have known better than to go mano o mano with a Marine. Frank X. Shaw at Glass House, President of Waggener Edstrom and former Marine public affairs officer, creamed PRBlogNews in the first round of PRWeek blog competition last week, 58% – 42%. Late Thursday afternoon we were knotted at 50/50. An hour or so later The Flack IM’d me to gloat about how badly PRBlogNews was being trounced.  What happened?

These online surveys are suspect.  Any 12 year old can game the results and legitimately Wagg Ed, I am sure, has more than enough computers company wide to click the boss to victory. Or, as “TJA” comments, I did myself a disservice by bashing the competition, even in good fun. Considering the results, perhaps he’s right. But then we wouldn’t be having good fun – we would simply be spinning PR for PR and there’s way too much of that.

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PRBlogNews Greatest Hits

Gerritsen Beach Brooklyn P.S. 277Forget McCain – Obama, the big vote for top dog PR blogger starts tomorrow, Wednesday, August 6, PRBlogNews against the lame Glass House blog. Click logo on the right or here to vote PRBlogNews. Voting ends Friday, August 8, 5:30 PM EST.

Why vote PRBlogNews?

Okay, I am a sporadic blogger, prone to fits of inspiration, long bouts of malaise, and I don’t do the incessant link-love cirle jerk thing necessary to pump up the social media ratings. I am not even a fan of social media -  I would rather eat a three day old hot dog out of a street cart than go to the Social Media Club.

So, we have a bit of an attitude. This is New York and it’s required. No excuses. We also break the BIG stories, like PR & LSD – a long strange happy tradition and Don’t eat the brown acid. Look around the cubicles of Waggener Edstrom these days and you might notice naked account executives tripping and writing far out PR programs thanks to PRBlogNews.

We don’t swallow the PR of the PR business - Burson digs itself deeper - and we stand up for flack rights when reporters try to assert their delusional superiority - Nocera to PR: Screw You.

Jay Rosen, academic social media pundit and tenured huckster took umbrage with our post: Jay Rosen – I Can Do Whatever The F@#k I Want . Jay’s adult response: Rosen: Mark Rose is a clown. Use that as a headline for your next post.

Okay, Jay, I’m a clown. I don’t take myself, or this business, seriously. See Is there no humor in public relations? Transitive Nightfall. Now with Extra Diamonds.

And the bigshots of the business notice us, sort of, unless they don’t:

Mark, you denegrate yourself  … Richard Edelman

Thanks for being such a great ambassador for PR … Howard Rubenstein

Mark Rose. Who he? … Jack O’Dwyer

Glass House is a corporate blog by a corporate guy who wants to say he has a blog. How many of those do we need? Do the right thing. Vote PRBlogNews now and send a message to the PR Man: we want change we can believe in!