PR One of The Most Stressful Jobs

I could have told you that!

According to CareerCast, the role of a PR executive is the fifth most stressful career path, up from seventh in 2012.

“Public relations executives are masters of damage control, thus need to be able to think and act quickly under stress,” said CareerCast. “The profession lives in the public eye, and it’s also one of the professions attracting the most college students, which makes landing and keeping a good job that much more difficult.”

The site reported that the median salary for PR pros is $57,550.

Conversely, University professor tops the Jobs Rated report of least stressful careers for 2013. The field’s high growth opportunities, low health risks and substantial pay provide a low-stress environment that’s the envy of many career professionals.

What’s Up With Wikipedia for PR?

WikipediaWikipedia has an enormous impact on the perception of any company or individual, yet most PR people don’t have a Wikipedia strategy for clients. It’s somewhat understandable. Wikipedia is an enigma wrapped in an enigma, an endless frustration for PR professionals. When a client says “Write me a Wikipedia page” or “Fix my Wikipedia page” you have to say … well, it doesn’t quite work like that.

I last wrote about Wikipedia in 2009 for PRBlogNewsWhat is your Wikipedia strategy? Since then, Wikipedia has loosened up a bit. There are now identifiable editors. You can request a review of your Wikipedia page, and there are more readily acceptable solutions to correcting a bad Wikipedia page.

Why bother?  Wikipedia often comes up top in search results. It is the 6th largest site on the Internet for web traffic. An inaccurate or skewed Wikipedia page can undermine years of PR effort.

What not to do.  As a PR professional, or a member of a company, you cannot edit a Wikipedia page in which you have a vested interest even if it is grossly inaccurate. You will be slammed by roving bands of Wikipedia editors and the damage will take a long time to undo. Witness the recent comical case of author Philip Roth’s tussle with Wikipedia in which it was determined initially by Wikipedia that Roth was not a credible source to set the record straight on his own book.

What to do. Hire Influence Consulting : ) We integrate a Wikipedia strategy into the earliest stages of a PR program. We identify authorized editors who can assure that a Wikipedia insert is accurate and up-to-date. We create a Newsroom that serves as an excellent PR and SEO channel, and a single source for Wikipedia editors to pull reliable, published news on a company or individual. – Mark Rose

The Future of PR 2013. Content Creation + Distribution = PR for Lasting Impact

By Mark Rose, Partner, at Influence Consulting Group.

More and more, we place less and less bottom line value in traditional PR tactics, and a much greater emphasis on content creation and distribution for lasting PR impact.

Mark Rose, Partner, Influence Consulting GroupWe create content through press releases, commentary, analysis, important organizational events, and third-party endorsement through publicity. Then it gets pushed out through a distribution channel = blog or News Room (the mother ship), various social media outlets, and packaged for marketing.

An ancillary benefit is that the content leads to media interest and publicity. The point is that the content created has lasting value directly to the client, compounding as a digital asset, whether or not “the media” picks it up. Now, more than ever, we are the media.

We can demonstrate lasting PR value with a simple strategic matrix: content creation + distribution = PR for lasting impact.

Think of original content the way a typical, top-level news organization does. A single story from a Dow Jones reporter can go to print, online,  through social channels, and become a video story. That content can go across Dow Jones properties – MarketWatch, Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, et al. Reporters Tweet their stories, it runs through the LinkedIn network, on and on, and it lives in virtual perpetuity as a Dow Jones digital asset..

PR pros have access to virtually every digital distribution channel that Rupert Murdoch does (excluding print).

This is a thrilling time to be in PR. We have access to unprecedented news development and distribution capabilities. Most of these distribution channels are open source, free and are limited only by our imagination and willingness to devote time and attention. Publicity is still an important component of any PR program but it is best served by creating News that is delivered to target audiences, no filter, and also offered to the media. Increasingly, they will take credible content and re-publish through their vast channels.  PR is becoming a much more varied, fluid and creative business these days, much like the media whose coverage we covet. – Mark Rose

Influence Consulting Group content creation + distribution = PR for lasting impact