Creative Bra PR in London on Zero Budget

Chillisauce, UK event management company, creates world's largest bra for "Wear It Pink Day" - raising awareness of the fight against breast cancer - auctions the bra on eBay to raise money for Breast Cancer Campaign“What can you do for no money?” was the challenge a high-powered venture capitalist (VC) shot at me after I pitched my business idea that required, I thought, $13 million to launch. He was testing me. How committed, driven and passionate was I about my idea. How creative could I get? I think of that line from the VC often when testing my ideas, or considering the aspirations of others. It’s easier to be creative with a lot of money. What can you do with just your imagination?

Chillisauce, a UK event management company, had a super-sized bra (a whopping 1222B), on its hands after they hoisted the world record bra on a building over the Thames in 2011 to raise awareness of the fight against breast cancer.  It’s officially the world’s largest bra, weighing the equivalent of 1,800 bras – big enough to cover a building and just smaller than two tennis courts.

This year Chillisauce auctioned the World Record Bra on eBay and raised £3601 for Breast Cancer Campaign. That’s thinking creatively, for zero budget. From Chillisauce:

As yet the new owner’s intentions are unclear. However what started life as the World’s Largest Bra could easily become a giant hammock, a catapult for firing yourself over the neighbour’s fence, a pop-up bra type building, the easiest tent to find at ‘Glasters’ or just the ultimate way to add character to a outside of a modern property.

PR needs more creativity. You don’t need a lot money to make a splash. It’s old but it’s relevant. The old IBM slogan: Think. Thanks to Rebecca Lee, press contact at Chillisauce, for sending this our way.

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