Getting Deep Into WordPress

WordPress is the standard -  the great, free, solution to virtually any web challenge, from a simple personal blog to a corporate website. WordPress is constantly evolving. There are legions of developers and educators out there who can guide the WordPress adventurer. This is one of the better ones. She’s engaging and she makes you feel secure that you can do this! Want a career that is flexible, pays, and is in demand? Become a high quality WordPress developer and designer.  We’re always looking out for them.

How to Write For PR

Still true 30 years later. Amazing how many people in PR can’t write.

David Ogilvy How to Write

Gurwitz Named AOR on PRNYC


Lew Gurwitz of Lew Gurwitz & Associates

Lew Gurwitz, CEO of Lew Gurwitz & Associates, New York

Lew Gurwitz one of New York’s most prominent and influential public relations firms, has been named AOR (agency of record) on the PRNYC account, PRBlogNews learned exclusively.  According to Mark Rose, author of PRNYC, it is the first stage drama to explore the inner workings of the New York City public relations industry. Peter Riley, Vice President at Lew Gurwitz & Associates in New York, said, “We have high hopes for a prolonged and effective publicity, promotion, and reality integration campaign for PRNYC as it develops regionally before coming to New York.” Peter Riley can be reached at