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What’s Next With Facebook?

What does success look like for a Facebook Page? What does failure look like? When new hires are made, how is their work judged, and how do they demonstrate the impact of what they’ve achieved to their bosses and clients? How does the CEO know what’s working and what to invest in next?

I’ve used PageLever and found it valuable and friendly, just like this “white paper.”

PageLever – Driving with your eyes closed

Most Companies Fail at Social Media

facebook no likeCompanies don’t get social media – ain’t it the truth. Social media is still relegated to a ‘function’ within a ‘division’  at many organizations, a somewhat mysterious bothersome marketing function that defies quantification.

The potential for social media to transform an organization, at minimal cost, is huge. It takes a different way of thinking, and a strategy – two things lacking in many social media programs. The skill set to merge social media with PR and marketing does not exist – and there is opportunity.  Social media has become over saturated and stale (like Facebook’s IPO?).  What’s the next wave?

Steve Nicholls gets it right and offers some guidance in Why Most Companies Fail at Social Media — Understanding the Three C’s. The three C’s are Content, Context, Conditions. An excerpt:

They view social media solely based on Facebook or Twitter Content, which they believe is just a marketing, PR and website function. But to be truly successful, social media needs to be implemented at the senior level and trickle down into the DNA of the entire organization as a core competence…. Having a holistic approach will maximize opportunities, eliminate risk and overcome the main obstacles which are, believe it or not, usually people problems, and not technological problems.

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Cool New Apps for PR Students and Pros

EverNote LogoIt’s tough keeping up when apps fly by in a flash. Which do you pay attention to? Which will give you an edge in your PR work? PR Newswire has put together a useful list of apps that could be fun and effective for the PR newbie and vet alike. They’ve separated the apps into categories:

Staying organized & on top of things: Evernote, Business Calendar Free, Flipboard,

Documents, Content & Collaboration: Google Drive, Open Office, GoodReader

Photo apps: Camera+, Flickr

Anybody have thoughts on these apps and how they might apply to PR work? See story: Back-to-School Curriculum for PR: Cool Stuff You can Learn Now

Football PR: Rough and Tumble

Do we all “frame” stories in our daily negotiations?

From  Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan, is clearly winning the public relations battle with holdout running back Maurice Jones-Drew (left), say some PR professionals and sports management professors in the city.

His blunt, colorful comments are one reason why.

“I think Khan is very well positioned, the way he’s framed it,” said John Finotti of Tucker/Hall, a public relations firm. “He [Jones-Drew] is losing the PR battle that has been taken over by Khan. It’s almost like a boxing match, with the other guy not responding.”

Maurice Jones-Drew vs. Shad Khan: Who’s winning the PR battle?

See The Florida Times-Union story