Mercenary PR & The Photo Op

Never underestimate the power of the photo-op.

Seif al-Islam, Gadhafi's sonSeif al-Islam, Gadhafi’s son, looks like somebody you might run into around Tompkins Square Park (the scene of epic battles in its own right). He’s much better dressed than the rebels. He looks like he shops at Banana Republic. He is intoxicated by the attention, one last taunt before he retreats to the compound for the ‘Scarface’ finale (say hello to my little friend) when you go out guns ‘ablazin’. He is also deluded and crazed, like his father. What is unfolding now reminds me of the Branch Davidians, hunkered down against all odds, or Hitler in the bunker, exhorting others to die for a lost cause while you plot your suicide. The Arab spring turns to the Arab fall and the drama continues. Libya is a brief glance away from Syria, which is heading for its own nasty showdown.  The videos coming from Syria have been too gruesome to watch.

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