Wow. What a Terrible Deal.

Terrible DealThe New York Times should be Barack Obama’s friend. Instead we wake today to something akin to an attack on the Republic, with infuriated columnists and ediorialists proclaiming doom. All they can hope is that whatever he agreed to can be undone in the future. The markets should be pleased that we avoided disaster but the Dow is tanking on more bad economic news. Obama’s re-election campaign sends a YouTube video from the President that makes me feel worse – here’s a guy who barely believes his own words. The spin is half-hearted, empty.

If you don’t drown in the sea, you can claim victory. The question is – what were you doing out in the storm to begin with? The Demos lose because they caved to extortion. The Republicans lose because they now own a terrible economy. We all lose because this will drag on through the election. A sampling from The New York Times:

White House officials dryly joke that the president’s “sweet spot” is his ability to alienate his base and infuriate his foes while falling short of his goals. Maureen Dowd, Not O.K. at the O.K. Corral. The New York Times

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