Daredevil PR Battle Heads Over Cliff

Buffalo Jumping Off the CliffWe’re heading for the cliff. We’re running on fumes. Disaster ahead. Catastrophe. Our standing in the world will be severely diminished and the economy will crumble. We’re playing Russian roulette with the economy.  We’re kicking the can down the road. Irresponsible. Inexcusable.  An abdication of responsibility. A short term band-aid. The Cliches are flying.

These are some of the Armageddon-like predictions emanating from politicians. newscasters, economists and others who are in the middle of or on the sidelines of this debt crisis of our own making.

This is not an act of God, it’s an act of Congress. It would be amusing to watch grownups play this schoolyard game of chicken, if it were not so serious and pathetic. Then there are those who say that it is all a big bluff and we can go on, la-di-da, and deal with the debt ceiling in another week.  Sure, why make a decision now, if we can put if off a while, or drag it out until the holidays.

What’s the fallout from the craziness?

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