Day 18: Egypt PR Battle Escalates


Is Mubarak in or out? In Cairo or at his seaside retreat? Is the Army backing Mubarak or ‘the people’? The war of words continues in Egypt as the establishment and the protesters fight to get their messages out. With the Internet unrestrained in Egypt we are getting plenty of jockeying for control of the story that will decide the future of Egypt and the new Middle East.

Watching President Hosni Mubarak addressing his nation Thursday night, explaining why he would not be drummed out of office by foreigners, I felt embarrassed for him and worried for Egypt. This man is staggeringly out of touch with what is happening inside his country. This is Rip Van Winkle meets Facebook. See Out of Touch, Out of Time. Thomas Friedman, The New York Times

1348: The Tunisian Hend Sabry, star of the Yacoubian Building and Cairo resident, tells the BBC World Service her husband is demonstrating in Tahrir Square today but public opinion is split. “More and more people in the streets of Cairo are now saying that ‘this is enough, we achieved a lot, and we now should move on with our lives’. Time is on the side of the pro-stability camp. And I think that this is what the decision makers are playing on.”

3:06pm Cairo time – Mother of protester who was killed in the protests, addressed protesters and said that she was willing to offer her second son for the struggle for democracy.

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Mamoun Fandy, an Egyptian-American academic and columnist, told The BBC that President Hosni Mubarak’s speech “will not wash.” He added: “These young people are too smart. I don’t know whether the disaster will start tonight or tomorrow, but we’re in for a huge confrontation. Whoever wrote that speech is living in a bubble.”

Mubarak On His Way Out?

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak could step aside as soon as tonight and delegate his powers to his new vice president, a senior member of the Egypt’s ruling party told Britain’s Channel 4 News minutes ago.

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Friday of Martyrs Event Builds in #Egypt

Friday of Martyrs Egypt

— “We are hoping that the ‘Friday of Martyrs’ will be the world’s largest funeral to bid farewell to 300 Egyptians,” tweets Wael Ghonim. Ghonim told CNN that he is “ready to die” to bring change to Egypt, the news network says.

— “Anti-government protesters in Egypt are continuing their occupation of Cairo’s Tahrir Square for a 16th day and have blocked the entrance to parliament,” the BBC reports. “There are reports of strikes and industrial unrest around the country.” #jan25 #Egypt #Tahrir

Cairo’s Facebook Flat

A new generation of Egyptian revolutionaries, ensconced in a communal apartment, are trying to bring down President Hosni Mubarak’s government by broadcasting the revolt in Tahrir Square on Facebook.