Uprisings Spread Through Middle East

A second protester was killed Tuesday when a funeral procession for a protester killed Monday erupted into clashes with Bahraini police, according to local media.

Fadhel Matrook was one of several thousand supporters who joined the funeral procession for Ali Abdulhadi Mushaima, who was shot and killed Monday amid widespread protests against government abuse. Police reportedly attacked the procession as crowds of mourners were exiting the hospital. See BAHRAIN: Another killed as funeral for protester devolves into clashes, Los Angeles Times

Michael Slackman of The New York Times reports: “More than 10,000 people streamed into the capital’s central Pearl Square on Tuesday in the largest political protest to hit this Persian Gulf kingdom in recent memory. Galvanized by the death of a demonstrator in clashes with the police on Monday, protesters waved flags and chanted ‘peaceful’ under the square’s towering monument as a police helicopter hovered overhead. Hundreds of protesters also massed on a nearby bridge overpass.”

This video of the protesters setting up camp at Bahrain’s Pearl traffic circle was sent from a blogger’s phone to Bambuser, a Web site that allows users to stream live video from their phones:

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