Day 14: Egypt Internet Revolution Rolls On

EgyptThe Revolution in Egypt is now two weeks old. Through euphoria, life-and-death battles, weddings in Tahrir, and the focus of the world we come down to … stalemate and waning media attention. Egyptian Twitter martyrs have proclaimed Tahrir Square liberated turf and they are working out their new society on this tiny plot of land, surrounded by hostile forces. The Internet lines are open and we have the free flow of information that will be the foundation of a new government. Anyone involved in communication should be thrilled to live through this and to facilitate, in any small way, the continuance of this global movement. It’s about freedom of choice, freedom of information, freedom to connect globally in any way we choose. Chinese authorities have been censoring out the word “Egypt” from searches. Authoritarian regimes are frightened by events in Egypt. A sampling of current news:

Evening in Tahrir Square: “Everyone here is awake,” Mr. Abdel-Moneim said as he passed an army checkpoint where a soldier urinated on his tank. “I might be weary, but when the morning comes, I can breathe freedom. What I’ve seen here is what I’ve never seen in my life.” At Night, Protest Gives Way to Poetry The New York Times

ERBIL, Iraq — In the morning of Thursday, Jan. 27, a group of Iraqi journalists huddled around a 15-inch MacBook Pro screen inside of one of the conference rooms of the Erbil Rotana hotel. We were at grand wooden conference tables, our plush leather chairs wheeling about the newly carpeted floor.

It was the unlikely setting for a brief 15-minute session on digital subversion. Read The Revolution Was Electrified – The Next Page / Good morning, Egypt: A revolution fueled by the Internet, and the new power of women

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waelEgyptian TV: Missing Google exec to be released Monday

(CNN) — Wael Ghonim, a Google executive who has been missing for more than a week following his purported arrest in Cairo, is to be released Monday, according to two Egyptian television news networks.

We Are All Khaled Said

Sunday Wrap-up

Mahmoud Salem, an Egyptian who blogs as Sandmonkey, wrote on Twitter Sunday:

I’ve been to Tahrir Square today. My prediction was correct. The March 8 model is taking over. It has become a tent city. The people have a stage and a PA system set-up, there are stations for mobile charging, food vendors, people form all walks of life.

The situation is completely safe now. People were coming all day today. I hear the mass held there was beautiful. Today, a christian mass was held in Tahrir, two people got married, and a couple is spending their honeymoon there. Awesome.

This is what makes me proud of our revolution: It has brought our people together, it’s fearless yet peaceful, & very sophisticated.

Can u imagine the briefing Mubarak gets on Tahrir now? Singing, poetry reciting, religious service, weddings, honeymooners…. Awesome


  1. Nadia and all the brave souls in Egypt! You have inspired millions throughout the world. You are not only liberating your country, but are contributing to the liberation of people throughout the world. I am an American, a Christian, and I want you to know that there are millions of us here in the USA that are praying for all of you and putting pressure on our congressmen, senators and president on your behalf. We live in interesting times. You Shall Overcome. God is Great!


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