Desperate in Cairo

Twitter feed on the ground in Tahrir Square:!/Gsquare86  | Twitter: #Egypt #jan25

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Al Jazeera live YouTube channel

Anderson Cooper of CNN, near Cairo’s Tahrir Square, reports that automatic weapon fire has been heard and fires are burning near the Egyptian Museum, which would make it impossible for opposition protesters inside Tahrir Square to leave along that road. He added that protesters have so far “held their lines,” and prevented the men who are attacking them from entering the square.

Lara Setrakian, an ABC News correspondent, reported on the protesters defense of the square, writing on Twitter in the past hour:

This is a clear and brutal siege on what had been a peaceful protest. Sirens in the background, helicopters overhead. More gunfire, and watching streams of men trying to break up the human chain protecting Tahrir Square from one direction. People linking arms, in rows 3-4 thick, have secured all but one of the entrances to Tahrir Square. They’re getting charged by thugs.

Women and children are still in the center of Tahrir Square. More gunshots.



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