Rubenstein Survivors Unite!

You don’t go through Rubenstein, you survive Rubenstein.

Howard Rubenstein photo by Patrick McMullan

Howard Rubenstein photo by Patrick McMullan

Hundreds of shell shocked flacks have passed through the Rubenstein mill in Howard’s 40+ years as top scion of NY PR. No doubt all of us wondered:  a) how did we survive? b) I hope this experience is worth something c) nobody but other Rubenstein survivors would ever appreciate what we really went through.

Oh, the stories we could tell!  And now we have our chance. Check out the LinkedIn Rubenstein Associates Alumni Group.

Valerie Silverman Kerr, a 10 year veteran of the Rubenstein media department, has the idea that we should get together and swap stories and network. When I was at Rubenstein Valerie’s office was always crowded on Friday morning with desperate AE’s begging for a media placement before turning in status reports for Howard’s assistant to lug home in that over sized briefcase. It didn’t exactly make for a relaxing weekend wondering whether, come Monday morning, you would exult in Howard’s single-word accolade that came back on the status report, scratch your head over his begrudging acknowledgment, or sulk from his ire, usually written in big letters, with a bold hand, and an exclamation point in case you forgot that your single and only job in life was to GET PUBLICITY.

Early stage rules: No media (we want to be open), and you have to be a bona fide Rubenstein alum (a fair amount of AEs started their new job in the morning, realized what they were facing, went to lunch and never came back. You have to be at least a 24 hour survivor.)

See my paen to Howard in Strumpette, 7/11/2007.


  1. Nice story for the “dean of damage control,” and for those who followed him through the years.

  2. Abbe Kirsten Schiffman says:

    I hear so much about how tough it was working at Rubenstein Assoc., but I loved working for Howard. I met and worked with all the top New Yorkers. I also made so many friends at work and learned so much.

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