Going out on top – happy new year

I’ve always been a sporadic blogger so it’s not that big a stretch to become a non-blogger – at least in this forum. Business has been booming – taking an increasing portion of my time. We’ve re-designed our website, re-calibrated (I love that word) our business and I can’t pay attention to this blog anymore. But, everybody likes to go out on top, so I find some small degree of solace knowing I am STILL the #1 Sidewiki comment on the Twitter homepage!

Mark Rose #1 Sidewiki comment on Twitter homepage - for the moment

Blogging less here means I have more time to read blogs I enjoy. My favorite blog: 3QuarksDaily.

Blogging less here also means I can pay more attention to my theatre blog, where my heart is these days: markrosenyc.com

All bloggers should support the struggle for freedom in Iran. Image below from Tehran 24 | also check FRONTLINE: Tehran Bureau for updates and THE LEDE, The New York Times

Iranians fight for free speech

Five PR bloggers worth following, derived from random scans of intelligence, original thinking and personality in the PR blogosphere: #1 tomforemski – leadoff batter | #2 occamsrazr – the Leonard Cohen of PR bloggers | #3  [chrisbrogan.com] – the merry prankster of social media | #4 Richard Edelman - the Philip Roth of PR | #5 Loren Feldman – incendiary pupeteer

Some favorite posts:

HAPPY NEW YEAR. Peace. Health. Freedom. Prosperity.

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