Jeffrey Sebelia is Edgar Allan Poe

Paris Hilton at Heidi Klum and Seal's Halloween PartyI only blogged about my nephew Jeffrey Sebelia, 2006 Project Runway winner, a couple of times. Still, his name is the most popular search term for this blog.  So, here we go again.  We haven’t seen Jeffrey since his sister’s wedding in California but through the family grapevine we hear that Jeffrey was spotted at Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party, see pics below. This is no run down to Rite Aid and get a plastic orange goblin head at the last minute kind of party. This is a Red Carpet Halloween Party with Paris Hilton (left, with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt) and the like in costumes it must take hours to don.  

Jeffrey’s new band, Sing Orpheus, is really cool. I love “Lullaby.” Play below.

My Jeffrey Sebelia photo album, New York, Project Runway, 2006

Jeffrey Graces Elle – Blogs Oscar for AOL, PRBlogNews, January 17, 2007



Sing Orpheus is a rhythmic, trance inducing, four piece psychedelic rock band based in Los Angeles. The band was founded by seasoned musicians, Jeffrey Sebelia and Terry Borden, who have recorded and toured with Pete Yorn (Columbia/Sony), Lifter (Interscope), Lusk (Zoo Music Group) and Idaho (Caroline/Virgin) to name but a few. The duo began hatching out songs and soon enlisted gamine ,Cassandra Church, as the lead singer after hearing her sing back up vocals for a local R&B/dance pop group. She stole the show with her beauty, effortless vocals and her powerful stage presence.  Her vocals are powerful enough to induce goose bumps.  Cassandra’s experience in musical theater in Europe made her the perfect dramatic front woman for “Sing Orpheus”. Coupling Jeff’s gift for poetry and natural lyricism, and Cassandra’s unique melodies and emotional delivery, the songs are at once memorable and arresting.

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