Who is Worth Following #5

  The continuing scan for signs of intelligence and fun in the PR blogosphere 

#5 Loren Feldman

Michelle Oshen, left; Loren Feldman, rightLoren Feldman, the ganza macher of 1938 Media, is a pupeteer, satirist, performer in search of an audience, anti-Web 2.0 fixture in Web 2.0 circles, videographer and other things. He’s not in PR (although he is a PR master) and he’s not a blogger but he is definitely worth following, if nothing more than for entertainment… although you do get valuable information from Loren. As much as he will rail against it, he is addicted to this social media thing, otherwise he wouldn’t have an audience.

In the old days, a couple of years ago, I would hang with Loren at the Friar’s Club or a Deli somewhere on the east side as he was trying to find his place in the new social media world order. I don’t know if he’s found it but he did find Michelle Oshen - they got married, settled down like a nice nebbisha Long Island couple with shiny cars and a small dog and together became an anti-Web 2.0 power couple.

Although Loren has been thankfully domesticated he thankfully has not mellowed. He still could be the last Jew in the Warsaw ghetto lobbing a hand grenade – leading the symbolic if largely futile assault against repression. In his first event, The Audience Conference, New York City, November 5 -6, 2009, Loren is finally commanding the big stage where he is the lead player. I can’t figure out what The Audience Conference is, other than a day of fun and catharsis with some well-connected Web 2.0 types, but it is not, as Loren insists, about Twittering, Facebooking, YouTubing, blogging and all that – except that’s what all The Audience Conference speakers and performers do (even the music people are probably heavily involved in web promotion). 

Why follow Loren? Because he makes all this serious stuff fun and proves that we are involved in a visual medium that requires performers to reach out to an audience.

THE AUDIENCE CONFERENCE: The speakers range from large traditional media organisations with Dan Farber of CBS, though the recording industry with Warner Bros. Music CTO Ethan Kaplan, advertising with Crayon’s Joe Jaffe, HR and internal audiences with Frank Roche of iFractal and new media players like Mike Arrington of TechCrunch and Jason Calacanis of Mahalo, not to mention Musicians like Adam & Mia and Writers like the inimitable Andrew Keen of “Cult of the Amateur” fame with more being added. 

Who is Worth Following is a continuing PRBlogNews series based on random scans of intelligence, original thinking and personality in the PR blogosphere: #1 tomforemski - leadoff batter | #2 occamsrazr – the Leonard Cohen of PR bloggers | #3  [chrisbrogan.com] – the merry prankster of social media | #4 Richard Edelman - the Philip Roth of PR | #5 Loren Feldman – incendiary pupeteer


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