Good PR Masters Program?

Can anybody help this guy out. I believe he is from Virginia Tech.

Gandhi is a maxim master. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” If I wanted to learn PR in a masters program, what school would you recommend to someone with strong GRE scores and an undergrad GPA of 3.9?

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  1. Steve Quigley says:

    I teach in Boston University’s program, so I’m biased. You might give us a look. Plenty of others too. Try Syracuse.

  2. Darcy says:

    I’m not in PR, but I observe the skill set required at close hand. I am also a professor who teaches writing, world literature, and critical thinking. The prospective graduate student should find a masters program that stresses writing skills, and a world view to match today’s global economy. He or she also needs strong critical thinking and speaking abilities, and to be at ease with social media and its applications to PR. Several of the most successful PR people I’ve observed have a strong grounding in culture: theater, art, music. Is that to match their clients’ interests, or to stay sane?

    Depending on the kind of PR one wishes to go into, the masters program should offer a strong grounding in that field. I would go to the most successful firms, the ones the young graduate would like to work with, and read the bios of those who work there. What degrees do they have? From where?



  3. Pete says:

    I’m also biased because I go there, but NYU’s PR and Corporate Comm master’s program is pretty great. Lots of industry experience from teachers and right in New York.

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