Zenophon Abraham is Not a Shill for Chevron

Zenophon AbrahamBack in May I blogged about Chevron’s bare knuckle PR battle with the government and indigenous people of Ecuador. It was (may still be) an ugly PR battle. Chevron was buying bloggers in its bid to mold public opinion in fighting a “the largest environmental lawsuit in history,” potentially a $25-$35 billion judgement. 60 Minutes did an episode, Andrew Cuomo, New York’s over achieving Attorney General was filing suit – it’s politics, oil, pollution, big money, international intrigue. A juicy story. They’ll write books about this one. Excerpt from my blog post:

Smack in the middle is a blogger called Zennie62, who, ChevronToxico claims, is a paid shill for Chevron. ChevronToxico offers no proof and Zennie Abraham, the blogger, does not confirm or deny payments in his blog posts. He posts prodigiously about the case and seems to have a wealth of information that would only be available to an insider. His blog posts and YouTube videos rank high in Google searches on keywords Chevron, Texaco (acquired by Chevron), and Ecuador. 

A couple of weeks later Zennie wrote to inform me that he has denied being a shill for Chevron and nobody paid him for his vigorous defense of the American oil company over the evil, opportunistic Ecuadorian politicians. Hence, the headline, a belated acknowledgement.

Who is Zenophon Abraham? Hard to say. Where is Zenophon Abraham? Everywhere on the web, on the ground he’s firmly East Bay/Oakland based. He’s covering contentious city council meetings, he’s in the streets after riots, he’s at wine tastings, jostling with backpackers on BART.  Zennie describes himself as ”relentlessly unconventional.” Zennie is a social media addict who loves being in the middle of a story – and capturing it on video, audio and in words.

Check Zennie out on Facebook, with links to his many sites: http://www.facebook.com/zenophon.abraham


  1. Robert says:

    Oh course Zennie is a shill. Don’t be ridiculous. Nowhere does the ChevronToxico campaign allege this (since they probably have more important things to do than waste time with a boob like Zennie), but I’ll certainly say it.

    All you have to do is read Zennie’s posts on the case to know that something smells awfully funny. He never even makes any attempt to verify Chevron’s claims, but just immediately takes them on as his own and repeats whatever is in their press releases verbatim. I have no proof that Zennie is directly paid by Chevron to write this garbage, but if not then he certainly should ask for a cut because he couldn’t be any more dogmatically committed to Chevron’s propaganda.

    It is patently ridiculous that Zennie is independently arriving at his own conclusions, and they happen to mirror Chevron’s 100%. He is a hack and a flack and a shill. He is destroying what little credibility he once had with his shameless fact-free cheerleading, and I hope SFGate ends up dumping him for it.

    If you have something in writing from Zennie denying that he receives any financial remuneration for his posts on Chevron, please post it here and ask him to publicly confirm its validity. It won’t be long before he is revealed to have lied when he wrote it. I would bet my house on it.

  2. Mark Rose says:

    This is the message Zennie sent to me via Facebook:

    Zenophon Abraham June 4 at 2:54pm
    I see we share a love for Chinese cuisine. Say, I ran accross your blog post referring to me – Zennie62. You wrote that I have not denied working for Chevron or its operative. I have done so many times. Just search for “Amazon Defense Coalition” at zennie62. Also, why didn’t you just contact me? Moreover I happen to personally believe that Chevron’s being milked by the President of Ecuador and in the Nigerian case, I just had a juror contact me out of the blue! The problem is that third world countries milk Amercan companies rather than improve the economic conditions for its poorest people.
    Thanks and please update your blog post there.

  3. Greetings. Say, here’s a long overdue update, but necessary. I stopped posting on SFGate.com – I was never paid – back on November 7, 2011. A proud day. Here’s the YouTube video that talks about what happened – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWfNbv-noYk . And even with that video, the anti-Chevron / TexPet folks have insisted that the SFGate issue was over Chevron. It wasn’t – had zero to do with Chevron, and everything to do with Alana being a dictator who didn’t have the tech skill I did. She tried to stop my “Rick Perry Gay Encounter” blog posts because Perry was running for President at the time, even though I had blogged about the issue a year before he elected to run for POTUS. Also, the Amazon Defense Coalition folks, some of them, have done things like issue death threats to me and harass me on a regular basis online. I’ve never bothered them. They can’t take that the case against Chevron is a fraud, and is falling apart, as I predicted it would years ago. Sad.

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