Twitter Back Up – We Survived?!

Twitter goes deadIt wasn’t quite 9-11, but the ‘Twitter Attack’ yesterday was treated as a full-scale assault on our basic right of freedom to Tweet. It’s all we could talk about but where could we ‘talk’? Blogs once again proved their value - we need a backup. What if the web went down – would civilization as we know it end?

We survived somehow although I could sense deep withdrawal out there and a huge global disconnect. Would we have experiences for the sake of the experience and not as an excuse to Tweet?  What if my followers did not know that I switched from a double soy latte to a low-fat macchiatto?

I feel more vulnerable now, knowing that Russians angry at each other could disrupt our Twitter habit at any moment.They should be hunted down and have their Wi-fi destroyed.

L.A. Times: Twitter attack is a growth pang.  Twitter, once derided as a frivolous way to tell friends of what you are eating and when you’re going to bed, has grown up — the hard way.

San Francisco Chronicle: Twitter attack puts millions on hold. Bill Woodcock, with Packet Clearing House, a nonprofit that helps network operators when they come under attack, said the assault was collateral damage from a dispute between Russia and Georgia over the region of Abkhazia.

Twitter Down Again

Twitter is still defending against denial-of-service attack. It is down again. See Twitter status blog for updates.

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