PR/Media Week in Review 06-28-2009

Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNews, Week in Review 06-28-2009If you’re news junkie like me it doesn’t get better than last week. We started out with “Neda” and a bloody crackdown in Iran, Farrah Fawcett finally succumbing in Hollywood, quickly eclipsed by Mark Sanford in South Carolina confusing Argentina for the Appalachian Trail (“Buenos Airhead,” the cover of the NY Post said) – all trumped by Michael Jackson’s ultimate Hollywood ending.

News events last week re-defined and strained the limits of social media. Twitter, blogs, and Facebook proved to be a valuable if inadequate resource in Iran. Twitter crashed a few times under the deluge of Michael-mania, proving that nothing resuscitates a career like death.  Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of the previous ‘King,’ shared her thoughts of marriage to Michael and the premonition that he would die like her Dad, on her MySpace page., the ultimate insider Hollywood news source, first reported Michael’s death.

More and more, social media transforms how news is created, packaged and disseminated. Increasingly, traditional media follows social media in breaking news, and then reports on reaction through social media channels. It is demoralizing to see that Twitter could not topple a government in Iran – it will take more time, chipping away at the blockages of a totalitarian regime. We thought that 20 years ago Tiananmen Square was the beginning of the end for the Chinese regime – but that was before Twitter and Facebook. For now, guns, batons and the apparatus of repression trump cell phone cameras. #iranelection news on Twitter is moribund but it exists.

The Michael Jackson news will play out through the week. Remember the long line of white Cadillacs for Elvis’ funeral? I’m sure that Michael, who took showboating to a grander level, will top that. There is the suspect doctor, the drugs, another autopsy, toxicology, the battles over the estate, the talk show appearances and the revelations that will be packaged in books. The world has a large appetite for Michael Jackson news.

Today, we hear that Mark Sanford will not resign as Governor of South Carolina. Sure, what else can this bozo do but be a politician? Now that he has been found we see how lost he really is.

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  1. Osiris Munir says:

    I’m thinking what a great loss it is to think that a man can move like that just from getting turned on by his own talent, is now amongst the batteries that no longer charge. I’m thinking there is a lot to say about fame and fortune how one is famous when they become famous and famous again upon departing from this world. I’m thinking about all of the life we waste on fussing, cussing, and acting a fool, on taking things for granted when we live like tomorrow is promised to any of us. I’m thinking of a time when we all actually talked with one another and not through a computer screen. I’m thinking that a smile, a flash of a hand, and grabbing of the crotch did more for illness, poverty and disease, than a trillion bottles of pharmaceutical cures.

  2. skkim says:

    God BLESS you…

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