The Greening of Social Media for Iran Democracy

'Neda' on Twitpic‘Neda” is her name (left) – she has become the rallying cry for Iranian protestors and a martyr for the cause. Videos show her with her father, like thousands of others, at a demonstration in Tehran.  Then she is on the ground, bleeding profusely and dying, her father holding her, others screaming. Who shot her? In this ‘unverified’ news world we now live in, no one can say for sure. Neda now qualifies for her own Twitter hashtag #Neda.

Street demonstrations are looming today in Iran to pay respects to Neda and other martyrs of the Twitter Revolution in Iran.

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  1. Obviously -although it’s the last thing Team Obama wants to hear- Ronald Reagan’s support of Poland’s Solidarity in the dark days of the Soviet-ordered crackdown is the model here- not the preposterous straw-man argument of “what are you going to do, invade?” disingenuously presented by the do-nothing, Obamapologist left.

    And isn’t this what George W Bush told you was going to happen in the Middle East in the wake of Iraq’s liberation?

    Maybe that’s why Barack Obama has so little apparent interest in finishing the job in Iran… no matter how much it benefits the US and free world.

    That, and the fact that he’s already piled all his chips on legitimizing this vile regime- and a democratic revolution at this point would be downright embarrassing for him.

  2. Amid all of the chaos in Iran, there’s a potentially positive outcome from the evolving situation: the evolution of social media into the main stream,

  3. Mark Rose says:

    People want to be free, that’s the message I get from Iran. We want justice. Power will always defend itself. For many years, we backed the brutal Shah. Can a middle east country actually control its own destiny without our meddling? (probably not.)


  1. [...] The Greening of Social Media for Iran Democracy | PR Blog News Jag har inte kommenterat händelserna i Iran och deras koppling till de sociala medierna nämnvärt. Mest för att jag blir så förbannad att jag kanske skriver något alldeles olämpligt över att den iranska staten försöker begränsa dessa människors frihet också på nätet. Alla som vill begränsa våra friheter på nätet hoppas jag sätter ordentligt i halsen nu. [...]

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