United States of Propaganda

The Associated Press investigative piece on the nearly $5 billion the Pentagon spends on recruitment, advertising, and public relations is certainly provocative, although it should not be surprising. The U.S. military has to sell its story – whatever war we happen to be in at the moment – for recruitment, funding, morale, to cover elected officials, and to battle the other side in the propaganda war.

Hamas, Al Qaida, rogue states, any terrorist with a computer and a modem can battle the thousands of people and billions of dollars the U.S. government can pull together for a propaganda offensive. See video below – U.S. PR pros spinning with the best of us. The question is – should the U.S. government maintain a huge propaganda apparatus to spin U.S. citizens? My question back – How can they resist?

Public relations is so ingrained in all government, political and corporate operations. Why should the military be exempt? With the Internet and the free flow of information the other side of any argument is always available and widely disseminated.

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