PR/Media Week in Review 12-21-2008

Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNews, PR/Media Week in ReviewIs Mark Stevens, CEO of MSCO (a self-described “high-powered global marketing firm”), a “fool, a tool, a threat to decency, a dumb and irresponsible excuse for a human being, an idiot, incompetent, and myopic.” Maybe - not that he cares, as long as we spell his name right.

In his 12/16/08 blog post  Mark laments that his appearance on FOX TV’s “Cavuto” may have caused extreme consternation among the blogerati but hey, that’s PR.

Mark took the contrarian position of defending John Thain’s proposed $10 million bonus at Bank of America (see YouTube segment) as Neil Cavuto relentlessly excoriated him for over six minutes – not that Mark cared. He smiled and tried to joke his way through the segment.

Mark believes that’s the price you pay to get TV coverage. Since Mark Stevens operates from the Blagojevich school of public discourse (I don’t care if everybody hates me as long as they don’t ignore me) you can say he’s successful. Whatever he says through the segment Cavuto is thinking: This is a PR disaster. Aren’t you a PR guy? How can you defend this? … and we are thinking the same thing.

It’s not so much what Mark Stevens says, it’s how he says it. Did anybody media train this guy? If I had a client perform like that on TV I would be fired. But what do expect from a guy who writes books titled Rich Is A Religion and God Is A Salesman. That’s PR! 

The New York Times is planning to launch a new “Instant Op-Ed” next month that will allow the paper’s Web site to post immediate expert viewpoints on breaking news, according to Editorial Page Editor Andrew Rosenthal. See Editor & Publisher story

Pandora hits 20 million users. I love Pandora, as I have stated many times, although I am messing around with - see widget on the side bar. This is part of a general widget upgrade.  The lijit widget on the sidebar combines all my social media connections with search and a cool little map showing the location of recent visitors and how they found PRBlogNews – directly or through search.

Finally, let’s start the week with the brilliant/sad video below. Nothing was ever real at a Grateful Dead concert -  that was the beauty of the experience.  Still, I was shocked when Jerry Garcia died in rehab in 1995. I was ignorant of his heroin addiction and ongoing medical issues.

The time in 1981, when Garcia was in the early stages of consistent heroin use, the song is “Althea,” one of my favorites.  Garcia seems mired in a weird haze as the band follows along in half speed tempo. About seven minutes into the song Garcia transcends his body, merges with his guitar and leaves the band behind. I can’t stop listening to this song. I miss the Dead.

“I told Althea I was feeling lost, lacking in some direction …”

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