The Drama of Public Relations

Ella Jane New plays Melanie in WHITE NOISE by Mark Rose at H-B Playwrights Theatre, New York CityJoe (played by Andrea Modica, below right) is a stressed out VP at a New York PR agency. Melanie (played by Ella Jane New, left) is a stressed out marketing exec launching a new cruise liner. A chance encounter in the waiting room a therapist’s office leads to impromptu venting, a connection and a negotiation - proving that in New York your life can radically change in less than 10 minutes. 

Joe and Melanie are working out their agita on stage for 8 performances, starting next Thursday, December 11, at H-B Playwright’s Theatre, 124 Bank Street, NYC, next to H-B Studios. Directions here.



WHITE NOISE, a new 10 minute play by Mark Rose
Directed by:      Karen Azenberg
Joe:                  Andrea Modica
Melanie:           Ella Jane New


WHITE NOISE is performed with 12 other 10-minute plays in Evening B in “The Waiting Room Plays” presented by H-B Playwrights Foundation, Donna de Matteo, Executive Director.

Andrea Modica plays Joe in WHITE NOISE by Mark Rose at H-B Playwrights Theatre, New York City


Schedule of Performances, Evening B:

  1. Thursday, December 11, 8 PM
  2. Saturday, December 13, 8PM
  3. Sunday, December 14, 3PM
  4. Wednesday, December 17, 8PM
  5. Friday, December 19, 8PM
  6. Saturday, December 20, 3PM
  7. Sunday, December 21, 8PM
  8. Monday, December 22, 8PM 

H-B Playwright’s Theatre is at 124 Bank Street, between Greenwich and Washington Streets, next to H-B Studios, in the West Village.


No admission charge. Call 212-989-7856 for reservations, Mon. – Fri., 12:30 PM – 5:30 PM. Reservations must be picked up 15 minutes before curtain. Limit two (2) tickets per request. You can also request tickets for “Evening A” performances.

THE WAITING ROOM PLAYS: Marlene Mancini, Managing Director, Giovanni Villari, Technical Director, Tara Webb, Office Manager. The HB Theatre is committed to supporting the long-term development of original productions. “I worked closely with Herbert (Berghof) for a number of years at the Playwrights Foundation. He directed many of my plays there and produced a number of others. He gave me a home and rekindled my faith in theatre.” Horton Foote – 1990


  1. Bonnie says:

    Mark -

    Best of luck – kick ass!

  2. Bruce says:

    Break a leg!

  3. chris burgess says:

    Break a leg dahlin. I love you and will see you at Prince Park. May you triumph!
    Your Godfather,
    Uncle South,


  4. Karasma says:

    PR and cruising on the traitorous sea meet in a therapist’s office…

    Break a leg & Enjoy,
    Kara Smith
    Karasma Media PR & Publicity

  5. Darcy & Elizabeth says:

    The HB Studios “waiting room series” is really great! Yours is hilarious, Mark! Can’t wait to see it develop into a full-length production!

  6. Robert Calp says:

    I saw the plays and they were GREAT. A good range of actors and subject matter. It was done well. I brought visitors from Australia. There was an actor Gary Corbin who played a disabled actor in a casting office and was offstage in a second play. He was FANTASTIC! Blew all three of us away. There were many other good performers as well.

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