User Generated PR Plugs Amazon

Amazon and user-generated public relationsAmazon’s experiment in user-generated public relations is another masterstroke from Jeff Bezos and the gang in Seattle. The BusinessWire release on this was already picked up and linked to by The New York Times. The citizen PR team has its own page with background and profiles. They are six demographically diverse reviewers who seem to be enjoying their moment of cyber celebrity.

I bristle when Bezos is tapped as “Man of the Year” by Time and one of the top 100 world leaders by U.S. News but he repeatedly takes big chances encouraging unfiltered user recommendations and criticism and finding technology that allows the wisdom of the crowds to be more than an empty, and sometimes self-defeating, cliche.

“What to get step mom who has terminal cancer …” is one of the “Gift Discussions” eliciting thoughtful responses. As an Amazon customer I vote whether or not a response adds to the discussion or should be removed because it is off topic.

Amazon is my default destination for shopping because I trust the site, value the experience, and enjoy the community. Bezos has repeatedly said, and has proved, that he manages for the long-term. He knows that in order to “get it” in the digital age you have to let go.  Online retailers look to Amazon for leadership. The PR business can learn from him as well.

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