Message From NYC Subway System

Scene: 14th street IRT subway station, any weekend.

ATTENTION. ATTENTION. The Number 1 Uptown Local is now running on the Number 2 Downtown Express track. REPEAT: The Uptown Local is running on the Downtown Express track. To go Uptown go to the Downtown track. The Uptown Local on the Downtown Express track will run Express between 14th street and 34th street. If you wish to go to 23rd Street take the Number 1 Local to 34th street, cross over to the Downtown track and catch the Downtown Local. To get to the Bronx take the Number 1 Local on the Number 2 Express track to 145th street and transfer to the shuttle bus on street level to 163rd street and then catch the Number 2 Express Uptown. Watch the closing doors please, this train is now out of service.


  1. Elizabeth says:

    When the people born in NY finally admit confusion about the trains, you know it’s getting bad! Now they can’t make fun of the newcomers any more.

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