PR Goes Video

Digital Citizen MediaThis is the year of the Video Web – that’s been my proclamation since the beginning of 2008 and certainly we are seeing the manifestation of that all over the Internet. Take a look at the newly revamped Wall Street Journal web site and you get a feeling for how far video has come on the web. We now get live Presidential debates on the home pages of major news sites.  These are quality real-time feeds that are working on home broadband connections.

The PR business has been slow to recognize this trend and to capitalize on its potential. We have yet to transition from pitching media to becoming the media.  Crafting a pitch, writing a press release, disseminating to the press and following up is the old way – labor intensive, perennially frustrating, expensive – for questionable result.

Developing web-based digital assets is key to any communications program that will penetrate and have legs in the digital age. Make it visual, make it immediate. Create news that media wants to cover – simultaneously create news that all constituents can access through the web. Above all, make it visual.

Business Wire has partnered with Digital Citizen Media to produce PR content that will establish and manage digital media assets, promote and track it. You look at some of the video annual reports they develop – they are engaging, clever, informative (there are always disclosure issues), and critically important in this time, you see the faces behind the numbers.  This is a time when people are enormously distrustful of corporate executives and financiers. We need to see business people and hear them to be convinced that they have constituents best interests in mind.


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