PR/Media Week in Review 09-14-2008

Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNews PR Week In Review Seotember 14, 2008JOHN McCAIN’s WEEK OF SHAMEFUL LIES

This was a watershed week in the race for the Presidency as John McCain and his gang of rough riding PR clowns hit us with a blizzard of lies that proved – if we needed a reminder – that the Bush Doctrine of nasty, base, deceitful pre-emptive attacks is very much alive in politics. Fred Thompson and Karl Rove were at their salivating, bloviating best (or worst) but the buck stops with McCain, who made such a rash, horrible decision with Palin that the Republican political mob can only go on the attack.

Kudos to Barbara Walters and the ladies at the View, who showed that they have more cajones than the men by digging into McCain like a missionary truth squad – that’s what it will take to transform American politics. Palinmania reminds me of the Bush gang rush to invade Iraq – forget the facts, attack doubters, marginalize and neutralize ‘the liberal media’ - we’re going in no matter what. 


John McCain and George Bush - everlasting loveMore and more, this becomes a legitimate question (or maybe she’s just a “cocky wacko” as Lincoln Chaffee  referred to her), as the Governor of Alaska criss crosses the country in a bubble created by frightened GOP handlers who shield her from interviews or interacting with voters as she repeats the same hollow rhetoric she delivered to a desperately deluded Republican convention. Palin was a Hail Mary pass by McCain and he must be praying now that his “soul mate” would disappear back into the cold Northwest – or else he is much more impulsive and risk taking than any of us imagine. Sooner or later, hopefully sooner, her veneer will peel away and we will see the reality behind the celebrity. See In Office, Palin Hired Friends, Hit Critics.

The GOP PR strategy is to blame the piranha “liberal media” for trying to roast Palin while using the same media to pump up her celebrity (in the days of Murdoch and O’Reilly and Limbaugh and Kristol it’s amazing that the ‘liberal media’ still stands as a right wing cry). This ruse deflects questions about domestic policy or foreign policy that she cannot answer. Since McCain obviously failed in his vetting process the media and the public will have to do it for him. 

God bless the media! Let a thousand Geraldos descend on Wasilla. If Palin is McCain’s soul mate then she is proving to be Dick Cheney’s soul mate only more dangerous, because she is not as cunning or experienced… but she’s trying really hard because she doesn’t blink (did she get this line from  old Ronald Reagan clips?).  Really, does anybody, any Demo or Republican, anybody, want her in the Situation Room with any kind of authority over troops or nuclear weapons? Do you want Palin deciding on a bailout for Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, or anything of serious consequence to the future economic health of this country?

Crossing The Bridge From Hillary to Barack

This is the week I became a Barack Obama fan. Not because he is the lesser of two evils, although he obviously is, and McCain-Palin are even more unacceptable than Bush-Cheney. It’s because I am beginning to see why he is the “transformative” candidate that many Demos have proclaimed. He is a statesman and he listens. He carries himself with dignity and intelligence. He knows that what you project will come back to you and how we treat our citizens and our allies impacts the quality of our lives, our government, our alliances. He understands that tolerance does not mean weakness. McCain has turned himself over to the Rove Roughriders and he is fast losing the credibility and currency he amassed over his long career. 

I was a huge Hillary Clinton fan and even entertained voting for McCain until the day he named Palin his VP.  Last week McCain and gang threw their best punches, Obama-Biden absorbed them and parried back. It will take a relentless, massive truth squad to transform American politics and not only win this election but send a clear message that sleazy politics does not work. That’s worth fighting for.


  1. Andy Kuhn says:

    Hell yeah! Couldn’t agree with you more. As somebody who voted for Hillary in the primaries, and was initially put off by Obama’s I’m-so-over-the-Sixties attitude, which felt a little condescending to someone significantly younger than he is, I too am catching up to how appealing it is to have a truly thoughtful candidate with real integrity, not the former integrity McCain is peddling, and is now debasing daily. Palin is like a tarted up W, even less intelligent, more parochial and doctrinaire, more impulsive and vindictive, more rabidly and narcissistically ambitious. I really hope that she has time to self-destruct. . . .

  2. John Whitcomb says:

    I will be unsubscribing from what I thought was supposed to be a blog about how technology is being used in public relations and the adoption of social media in pr.

    To be honest I could give a rats ass what your political views are but to make it be so blatant is disgraceful and misleading to your readers. Hopefully you will take my comments to heart and bring back the actual educational discussions on using social media and the new technologies that are impacting our world and leave your poltical rants to yourself your friends and your family or at the very least tell people your blog will also explore your political feelings so that you don’t get readers expecting to find good content bombarded by your views of the GOP.

  3. Mark Rose says:

    Good point John. The exploration of how we communicate in the political arena is the topic and, I thought, relevant. I have these discussions offline with those with opposing views. Lately, the exploration of social media seems played out and boring. Maybe it’s time to follow Michael Tangeman and a host of others who say “That’s all Folks” and retire the blog… or get back “on topic.”

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