The Shellacking of the Flack

PRWeek Blog CompetitionWhat is going on with the shellacking of The Flack by Beyond the Hype in the PR Week blog competition? The lopsided results point to several problems with this competition that the PR industry, in its slap-happy embrace of anything that creates PR for PR, is not willing to acknowledge.

There is no criteria for this competition. It is not for the most effective, worthwhile, important or insightful blog. You are asked to vote simply on impulse or prejudice.

The results are easily skewed. When I said in a prior post that any 12 year old could game the results I wasn’t kidding.  Anybody with a rudimentary knowledge of technology could vote as often as they like in this competition.

It favors agencies over independent bloggers.Beyond the Hype v. The Flack so far has registered three times as many votes as the next head-to-head competition. Agencies and their affiliates and partners have hundreds of computers that can legitimately register votes, overwhelming the network of independent PR bloggers (Beyond the Hype is offered by Lois Paul & Partners, The Flack is Peter Himler, independent PR blogger with Flatiron Partners). 

Contestants have become rah-rah PR goofy, without examining the critical factors in this competition. The Flack has a technorati rating of 81; Beyond the Hype has a technorati rating of 3 (a higher rating meaning  “more authority.”) Technorati ratings are hard earned over time and have some basis in authoritative logic. Has the PR industry created and embraced a contest that only highlights how shoddily we judge our own? Register your Independence - vote for The Flack.


  1. Ike says:

    Mark, you know I’ve been around for at least a little while, and I’ve never HEARD of “Beyond the Hype.” Even my lowly little Occam’s RazR — with a change of jobs and slow summer posting — has retained an Authority of 78.

    Let’s break this down for a moment, for those who don’t know:

    In the last six months, 81 different blogs have linked to Himler. 78 to me. And only 3 to “Beyond the Hype.” Now, you might have a dedicated fan who chooses to link to you 100 times, but it only counts once per blog.

    Mark… you also know that I don’t play link-love games, almost never play the meme game, and I don’t write for anyone else but me. And I STILL have “Hype” beat 26-to-1.

    This is just one example of why I started screaming when this “bracket” rolled out from under the Rock of Linkbait.

  2. Mark Rose says:

    Ike is on my technorati favs, and his updates are listed in widget on right: PR BLOGS WE READ. The above post and many more (some of which I understand) is the reason why. m

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