PR/Media Week in Review 08-10-2008

Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNews PR Week In Review August 10, 2008

Combat PR

I should have known better than to go mano o mano with a Marine. Frank X. Shaw at Glass House, President of Waggener Edstrom and former Marine public affairs officer, creamed PRBlogNews in the first round of PRWeek blog competition last week, 58% – 42%. Late Thursday afternoon we were knotted at 50/50. An hour or so later The Flack IM’d me to gloat about how badly PRBlogNews was being trounced.  What happened?

These online surveys are suspect.  Any 12 year old can game the results and legitimately Wagg Ed, I am sure, has more than enough computers company wide to click the boss to victory. Or, as “TJA” comments, I did myself a disservice by bashing the competition, even in good fun. Considering the results, perhaps he’s right. But then we wouldn’t be having good fun – we would simply be spinning PR for PR and there’s way too much of that.

Ed Moed at Peppercom , who advances to the next stage of the competition, is arguing that us PR bloggers should seize the PRWeek blog competition as a catalyst to form a community. I go the other way – we should be challenging ourselves and each other more forcefully and publicly. Since Strumpette went down we have not had a dominating blog to love and hate, to provoke and challenge, to test the edges. Industry leaders were compelled to write for Strumpette because it was singular and new, not blended and homogenized.

I hope that as the competition progresses other bloggers offer a real assessment of the purpose of their blog and the state of the PR industry. And show some personality – this should be fun. Our clients face a perilous world in the blogosphere. Can’t we mix it up a bit instead of observing from the sidelines and issuing studied analysis wrapped in the Rodney King – why can’t we all just get along – defense?
Ian Kennedy, hurler for the Yanks, needs media training

Baseball PR

New York media has destroyed many a ballplayer who cannot stand the tabloid glare and demanding, rabid fans. New Yorkers hate to lose, which the Yankees have been doing a lot lately. If you do lose be contrite, accept responsibility, vow to improve before you get run out of town with your $20 million contract.

It was certain that Ian Kennedy, young, new pitcher for the Yanks, would draw major heat for his comments to the media after another disasterous outing. Kennedy shrugged his shelling off like it was no big deal, he was ‘not real upset,’ would not think about it, time to move on.

Whoa. Kennedy was successful in the minors but this is the big leagues, New York City. Baseball these days is hugely dependant on PR. The last Yankee manager, Joe Torre, was a skillful PR guy whose post game news conferences were a study in navigating many competing interests while maintaining integrity and respect. His successor, Joe Girardi, is no PR slouch either.

“Some guys understand how to handle the media a little bit better than others,” Girardi said. “When you play in New York, not only is it a learning process on how to play in New York, I think it’s also a learning process on how to say exactly what you mean.” – as reported on, Major League Baseball

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